The following are the nominations of the four race clubs for the Invitation Cup week-end races to be held in Kolkata on March 2 and 3.

Invitation Cup

RCTC: Snowscape, Ocean And Beyond and Borsalino. Reserves: Dandified, Malpensa and Silverina.

RWITC: Super Storm, Maple Star and Onassis. Reserves: Native Knight, Hemisphere, An Acquired Taste and Shivalik Hero.

BTC: Toroloco, Wind Stream and Red Baron. Reserves: Borsalino.

HRC: Tintinnabulation, Vijays Champ and Angel Crown. Reserves: Manyatta and Simply Stylish.

Sprinters’ Cup

RCTC: Bullet, Sunday Storm and Crown Rule. Reserves: River Star and Arrow In Auto Mode.

RWITC: Nefyn, Ancient Wonder and Bullseye. Reserves: Master Bullet and Ishpingo.

BTC: Speed Six, Shivalik Star and Klipspringer. Reserves: Successor, Sprint Star, Secret Punch, Silken Touch and Cecil.

HRC: Kohinoor Wish, Plenipotent and Successor.

Stayers’ Cup

RCTC: Abriella, Unleashed and Aerator. Reserve: Silverina.

RWITC: Native Knight, Astapi and Bling. Reserve: An Acquired Taste.

BTC: Drop Of Honey, Spark Of Silver and Camorra.

HRC: Vijayshaurya, Vijays Champ and Star Marquess.

Super Mile Cup

RCTC: Dandified, Malpensa and Chase The Sun. Reserve: Berlusconi.

RWITC: Star Of Gibraltar, Rajasthan Royals and Ranthambore. Reserve: Coccinella, Master Bullet, Showin’Off and Shivalik Hero.

BTC: Immense, Hillfiger and Shivalik Star. Reserve: Aristos, Ridgeway, Unforgettable.

HRC: Kohinoor Wish, Maximus and Vijays Pride. Reserve: Aristos, Nasheeta and The Leader.

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