My Freedom and Silver Streak caught the eye when the horses were exercised here on Friday (August 16) morning.

Sand track:

600m: Nefyn (Parmar) 39. Moved freely. Sword Of Honour (R.Vaibhav) 39.Moved well. Caeasars Star (R.Vaibhav), Que Sera Sera (N.Jodha) 38. Former superior.

800m: First Glance (Ranjane) 54, 600/41. Pressed. Haunting Moments (Jethu) 57, 600/43. Easy. Fortune Favours (I.Pardeshi), Polynesia (app) 53, 600/39. Former ended four lengths in front. Blind Date (Hamir) 54, 600/41. Moved freely. The Ministerian (Jethu) 57, 600/42. Easy. Running Sun (T.S.Jodha), Ibis (rb) 56, 600/42. Former finished well clear. Zaagros (rb), Zorro (Nikhil) 54, 600/41. Both were level. Other Song (T.S.Jodha) 55, 600/41. Urged. Alvira (Ashad Asbar) 53,600/40. Moved well. Aigaion (Neeraj) 56, 600/42. Easy. Herzeliyah (Kavraj) 55, 600/41. Moved freely. Carlton House (rb) 56, 600/42. Easy.

1000m: My Freedom (Sandeep Jadhav), Tanusha (Dashrath) 1-7, 600/39. Former moved well. Jeremiah (Kharadi), Acclaimed (Trevor) 1-10,800/55, 600/42. They finished level.

1200m: Ricochet (R.Vaibhav), Ethics (N.Jodha) 1-23, 600/42. They were urged and finished level.

1400m: Silver Streak (Sandeep Jadhav), Zlato (Dashrath) 1-38, 600/41. Former started two lengths behind and easily finished five lengths ahead.

Gate practice — noted on the sand:

1000m: Power Princess (N.Jodha) 1-10, 600/42. Pressed. Skywalk (rb), Universal Star (rb) 1-11, 600/44. Pair level. Vanguard (Sandesh), Wiki Wiki (rb) and Tachyon (V.Walkar) 1-10, 600/44. Vanguard was the pick. Neptune’s Ocean (Bernard), Matter Of Heart (V.Jodha) 1-9, 600/41. They moved level freely. St. Barts (I.Pardeshi), Trumps (Dashsrath) and Samba Warrior (rb) 1-8, 600/41. St Barts finished five lengths ahead. Resilient (Ikram), Highlander (Chandrakant) 1-10, 600/42. Former better. Summer Eclipse (Chandrakant), Nicanora (Bernard) 1-7, 600/41. Both moved level freely.

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