Manyatta and Woven Dreams impressed when the horses were exercised here on Wednesday morning.

Sand track

600m: Miracle Of Mercy (rb), 2/y/o Star Of Peace (rb) 38. They moved level freely. Mahiki (S.Shinde), Waves Of Magic (Merchant) 38. Former superior.

800m: Ace Of Diamond (rb), Ashwa Pranav (R.K.Mahesh) 55, 600/41. Former ended five lengths in front. Emerging Star (Neeraj), Amazing Desire (Pasha) 52, 600/41. Former was two lengths better. Maximus (Pasha), Mzima (Neeraj) 50, 600/38. Former strode out well and finished two lengths ahead. Smooth Operator (Ikram) 51.5, 600/38. Moved well. Chemin De Fer (R.K.Mahesh), Vittoria (Pasha) 50, 600/38. They were urged and ended level. Sound Of River (rb), Fearless (rb) 53, 600/38. Both were pushed. A bay filly (Hymn/Cozumel) (Shammi) 53, 600/40. Pressed. Purple Moon (Akshay), Apocalypse (F.Irani) 55, 600/41. They were easy. Act Of War (S.S.Rathore), Nanyuki (rb) 52, 600/38. They moved level freely. Unknown Rebel (Kavraj), a bay gelding (Sldegefield/Star Alydar) (Shammi) 51, 600/39. Latter is a 2/y/o and they finished level freely. Halle (V.Jodha), Augustus (Roushan) 51, 600/38. Former was well in hand and they finished level. Flying Star (V.Jodha) 52, 600/39. Moved well. Woven Dreams (V.Jodha), Nicanora (Roushan) 51, 600/38. Former easily finished three lengths ahead. Dreamliner (Shelar), a bay colt (Arabian Gulf/Ovation) (S.Sunil) 49, 600/36. Former moved well while the latter is a 2/y/o. Capriole (V.Jodha) 51.5, 600/38.5. Moved well.

1,000m: Divine Inspiration (B.Prakash), Zoltan (Pasha) 1-10, 600/42. They were easy. Manyatta (Neeraj), Enlightenment (Pasha) 1-4, 600/37. Former moved well and finished four lengths ahead.

1,200m: Set Ablaze (Kharadi), Portia (Zervan) 1-23, 600/41. Both moved freely. Light My Way (Kavraj) 1-21, 600/41. Pressed.

Race track

600m: 2/y/o’s Courtesy Call (S.Sunil), Thunder Strike (Shelar) 40. They were easy.

Sand track — Nov. 13

600m: Caesars Star (rb), Sumo (Shammi) 41. Pair easy.

800m: Papakura (rb), Dancing Splendour (rb) 51.5, 600/37.5. They moved neck and neck freely. Act Of War (S.S.Rathore), Nanyuki (rb) 57, 600/42. Pair easy. Rajasthan Royals (Shammi) 54, 600/40. Moved freely. Hidden Goodness (Akshay), Royal Crest (rb) 51.5, 600/37.5. They moved level freely. Steely Dan (rb), 2/y/o Presidential (S.S.Rathore) 57, 600/43. Pair level. Red Baron (Zameer), Maple Star (Abhishek) 52, 600/39. Both moved well. Turf Lightning (Zameer) 51, 600/39. Pleased. 2/y/o Sword Of Honour (Shammi), Cactus Cash (Chandrakant) 53.5, 600/40.5. Former was two lengths better. Cent Per Cent (Shelar), San Rafael (S.Sunil) 51, 600/38. Former started five lengths behind and finished level freely. Macho Uno (rb) 1400/600m 54. Moved freely.

1,000m: Saints N Sinners (Neeraj), Victorious March (Ikram) 1-10, 600/41. They moved freely. A bay filly (Juniper/Shark Games) (rb), Daredevil (J.Chinoy) 1-10, 600/42. Former is 2/y/o and they were easy. Shivalik Hero (D.K.Ashish), Matilda (Pasha) 1-9.5, 600/41. Former finished well clear. Guns N Roses (rb), Asahi (Ikram) 1-9.5, 600/42. They were easy. Gold Glamour (Zameer), Supreme Minstrel (Abhishek) 1-7.5, 600/41. Former ended two lengths in front. 2/y/o’s Fabulous Florence (Zameer), Head Of State (Abhishek) 1-9, 600/41. They ended level.

1,200m: Attribute (Hamir) 1-21.5, 600/41. Moved freely. Home Advantage (Zervan) 1-20, 600/40. Moved well.

1,400m: New World (S.Sunil), Chicharito (Zameer) 1-34, 600/41. Former finished three lengths ahead. Fajr (S.Sunil) 1-41, 600/46. Easy.

Race track

800m: Thunder Strike (Shelar), 2/y/o Heavens Key (rb) 52, 600/38. Former finished well clear.

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