Leonardo, Brunetta and Welcome Back excelled when the horses were exercised here on Friday morning (Dec. 4).

Inner sand:

1,200m: Scimitar (Md. Shoaib) 1-23.5, (1,200-600) 40. Eased up.

Outer sand:

600m: Western Palace (Gautam) 42.5. Worked well. A 2-y-o (Hurricane State–Green Paradise) (rb), a 2-y-o (Gaswar–Arikana) (rb) 46. Romance In The Air (Gautam) 43. In fine condition.

1,000m: A 2-y-o (Placerville–Aminesty Bay) (S. John), Sky Rider (rb) 1-15, 600/45. Former moved better. A 2-y-o (Puerto Madero–Pure Charm) (rb), Devil Grandma (S. John) 1-13, 600/44.5. Former finished four lengths ahead. Sky Train (rb), Habanero (S. John) 1-12, 600/44. Former finished two lengths ahead. Astounding Gallop (rb), Habsons Choice (S. John) 1-13.5, 600/44.5. Former finished three lengths ahead. A 2-y-o (Hurricane State–Star Of The Crop) (Selvaraj), Ailsa (S. John) 1-16, 600/44. They moved together. Seasons Greetings (Gautam) 1-16.5, 600/42. Strode out well.

1,200m: Stagelight (S. Fargeat) 1-29, 1,000/1-14, 600/44.5. Moved well.

1,400m: Welcome Back (Md. Shafiq) 1-40.5, 1,200/1-26.5, 1,000/1-13, 600/45.5. Moved fluently. Leonardo (rb), Brunetta (B. Paswan) 1-39, 1,200/1-27, 1,000/1-14, 600/46.5. They pleased while the latter joined at 1,000m and finished level.

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