Immense and Morova Goodtime pleased when the horses were exercised here on Monday morning (May 10).

Inner sand:

1,200m: Batista (Zervan) 1-22, (1,200-600) 37. In fine trim.

Outer sand:

600m: Cowboy Cal (P.S. Chouhan), Timeless Treasure (P. Ramesh) 46. They moved freely. Son Of The Soil (rb), Flashing Crown (Sapra) 46. They moved on the bit.

1,200m: Spark Of Sapphire (S. John), Spark Of Galaxy (rb) 1-30.5, 1,000/1-15.5, 600/46. They are in fine trim. Morova Goodtime (S. John) 1-25, 1,000/1-11, 600/45. Pleased. Immense (S. John) 1-23, 1,000/1-9.5, 600/42.5. Impressed.

1,400m: Corbett (B. Prakash), Stormyred (R. Marshall) 1-47.5, (1,400-600) 1-0. They moved freely. Yamas (rb), Kingdomofdreams (rb) 1-48, (1,400-600) 58. They eased up in the last part. Sky Train (S. John) 1-44, 1,200/1-29, 1,000/1-14.5, 600/46. In fine condition.

Inner sand – May 9:

600m: King's Admiral (A. Imran) 39. Strode out well. Spark Of Isis (Rupesh), Spark Of Harmony (S. John) 40. They moved well.

Outer sand:

600m: Yes I Can (rb), The First Bullet (Praveen) 46.

1,000m: Orient Glory (P. Venkat), Vijay Monarch (Rupesh) 1-15.5, 600/46. They moved together. Spark Of Napoleon (S. John) 1-11.5, 600/44.5. Worked well. Spark Of Desire (S. John), Spark Of Passion (Rupesh) 1-13.5, 600/44.5. Former finished well ahead. Con Artiste (rb) 1-15, 600/44. Pleased. Black Beauty (Jagadeesh), Little Splendour (rb) 1-14.5, 600/44. Former finished six lengths ahead. Black Blossom (Shadab), Orange Orchard (Khurshad) 1-15, 600/44. They strode out well. Youre A Legend (rb), Amber Star (Praveen) 1-14.5, 600/43.5. Former finished five lengths ahead. Cherelle (rb), Balmoral Castle (rb) 1-13, 600/43.5. Former finished three lengths ahead. Trend Tracker (Shadab), Char Chand (Jagadeesh) 1-14.5, 600/44. Former finished well ahead. Shotgunn (I. Chisty) 1-13, 600/44. Moved on the bit. Duchess Of York (rb), Cool Whistle (rb) 1-12, 600/43.5. They strode out well. Vijay Damini (Rupesh) 1-14, 600/42.5. Moved impressively. Spark Of Silver (S. John) 1-13, 600/44. Worked well. Rapture Of Victory (rb) 1-16, 600/42.5. Pleased.

1,200m: Palazzio's Son (rb) 1-27, 1,000/1-12.5, 600/43.5. In fine condition. Carla (R. Marshall) 1-24, 1,000/1-9, 600/42. A good display. Mystic Dawn (A. Imran) 1-27.5, 1,000/1-13.5, 600/45.5. In fine shape.

1,400m: Cavalry Charge (R. Marshall) 1-36.5, 1,200/1-22.5, 1,000/1-8.5, 600/42. A pleasing display.

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