Il Divo and Batista shone when the horses were exercised here on Thursday morning (Oct. 29).

Sand track:

400m: Stud Of Gold (Pradeep) 25.5. Easy.

800m: Churchill (Parmar) 55, 600/41. Moved freely. Sea Warrior (Merchant) 53, 600/39. Moved well. River Pride (T.Mahesh), River Rule (D.K.Ashish) 52.5, 600/39.5. They moved level freely. River Memories (T.Mahesh), River Warrior (D.K.Ashish) 52, 600/39. Both moved level freely. Alice Springs (Parmar), Hazel Morgan (J.Chinoy) 57, 600/43. They were easy. Former is a 2/y/o. Flying Jewel (rb), Jaan (Chandrakant) 52.5, 600/40. Former ended six lengths in front. Both are 2/y/os. Blue Flash (rb), Starseeker (Parmar) 56, 600/42.5. Both were easy and are 2/y/os.

1,000m: Il Divo (Parmar) 1-7, 800/54, 600/41.5. Moved attractively. Ocean Storm (T. Mahesh), Oriental Magic (D.K.Ashish) 1-7.5, 800/52.5, 600/39. Both were urged and finished level. Former is a 2/y/o.

1,200m: Krug (Neeraj), Jacqueline (Parmar) 1-26, 600/42. Former ended two lengths in front. Both were easy. Batista (Parmar), Luis Figo (J.Chinoy) 1-23, 1000/1-9.5, 800/57, 600/ 44. Former who is a 2/y/o finished six lengths ahead.

Race track:

800m: Eye Of The Storm (rb) 56, 600/41. Easy. A chestnut filly (Mischevious Music/ Hypatia) (Shammi), Flo Nightingale (rb) 55, 600/40. Former is a 2/y/o and finished three lengths ahead.

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