Mr. G. Prabhakar Reddy’s Global Presence (Harish up) won the S. N. Reddy Memorial Cup (1,200m), the main event of the races held here on Sunday (Sept. 27). L. D’Silva trains the winner.

1. NAWAB SULTAN ALI KHAN MEMORIAL CUP (1,400m), Cat. III, 3-y-o & over, rated upto 50: Chesapeake (Harish) 1, Ruby Crown (N. Rawal) 2, Apple Valley (Ravinder) 3 and Easy Mover (Ali Khan) 4. Not run: Amber Rose. 2-1/2, 4 and 7. 1m 30.16s. Rs.8 (w), 5, 5 and 13 (p), FP: Rs.16, Q: Rs.11, SHP: Rs.14, Tanala: Rs. 126. Favourite: Chesapeake. Owners: M/s V. Krishna Das, M. Yugandhar, C. Parthasarathy and Dr. C. R. Jayanth.Trainer: L. D’Silva.

2. P.V.G.RAJU MEMORIAL CUP (1,600m), Cat. III, 4-y-o & over, rated upto 50: Celtic Shot (Gnaneshwar) 1, Ninja Power (A. Imran Khan) 2, Zorbonaut (Chary) 3 and Garrison Chief (S. John) 4. 2, 2-1/2 and 2. 1m 44.20s. Rs.10 (w), 5, 8 and 12(p), FP: Rs.37, Q: Rs.24, SHP: Rs.23, Tanala: Rs. 156. Favourite: Celtic Shot. Owners: M/s Yogesh Kumar, K. Rama Krishna and B. S. Reddy. Trainer: Prasad Raju.

3. JATPROLE CUP (Div. II) (1,400m), Cat. II, 3-y-o & over, rated upto 75: El Paso (Harish) 1, Super Brand (Laxmikanth) 2, Kings Cruise (S. John) 3 and Cannon Treasure (Chary) 4. 1-1/2, 3 and 1-1/2. 1m 28.87s. Rs.6 (w), 5, 22 and 6 (p), FP: Rs.115, Q: Rs.110, SHP: Rs.93, Tanala: Rs. 275. Favourite: El Paso. Owners: Mr.T.Venkatram Reddy Rep M/s Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited and Mr. M. Rama Krishna Reddy. Trainer: L. D’Silva.

4. ODDS ON TROPHY (1,000m) Cl. I, rated 80 and upward: (Held in Pune).

5. S.N.REDDY MEMORIAL CUP (1,200m), Cat. II, 4-y-o & over (Terms): Global Presence (Harish) 1, Chief De Mission (Sk. Farookh) 2, One In All (Gnaneshwar) 3 and Spy Mate (Ali Khan) 4. 2, 1-3/4 and hd. 1m 15.16s. Rs. 45 (w), 12, 18 and 19 (p), FP: Rs.722, Q: Rs.365, SHP: Rs.64, Tanala: Rs.5,314. Favourite:One Mission. Owner: Mr. G. Prabhakar Reddy.Trainer: L. D’Silva.

6. PANCHSHIL MILLION (1,200m), 3-y-o only (Terms): (Held in Pune).

7. JATPROLE CUP (Div. I) (1,400m), Cat. II, 3-y-o & over, rated upto 75: Grand Rapids (Ali Khan) 1, Kohinoor King (Chary) 2, Zambo Anga (Umesh) 3 and Greek Fire (Uday Kiran) 4. 1-1/2, 3-1/2 and 1-1/4. 1m 28.06s. Rs.20 (w), 8, 9 and 8 (p), FP: Rs.78, Q: Rs. 44, SHP: Rs.23, Tanala: Rs. 1,185. Favourite: Grand Rapids. Owners: Mr.T.Venkatram Reddy Rep M/S Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited and Mr.M.Rama Krishna Reddy. Trainer: L. D’Silva.

8. RAJA SAHEB OF CHALLAPALLI MEMORIAL CUP (1,000m), Cat. II, 3-y-o & over, rated upto 75: Al Jeezaan (Vivek) 1, Chestnut Charmer (Rupesh) 2, Jet Express (M.Krishna) 3 and Splendid Act (Chary) 4. 3/4, 1-1/4 and 1/2. 1m 02.73s. Rs.51 (w), 12, 8 and 29 (p), FP: Rs. 230, Q: Rs.78, SHP: Rs.24, Tanala: Rs.2,828. Favourite: Chestnut Charmer. Owners: M/s Mohamed Abdul Azeem and A.N.Prasad. Trainer: Srinagesh.

Jackpot: Rs.5,338 (91 tkts).

Consolation Jackpot: Rs.175 (1185 tkts).

Treble:(i): Rs.31 (1995 tkts), (ii):Rs.1,255 (86 tkts).

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