Mr. K.N.Dhunjibhoy was elected as the Chairman of RWITC by the nine members of the elected managing committee at the 97th Annual General Meeting on Dec. 18. Despite earning the maximum number of votes (824) Mr. Vivek Jain lost the race for chairmanship in the Stewards Room, as the nine elected members of managing committee voted for Mr. K.N.Dhunjibhoy. Mr. Shyam Ruia was elected Chairman, Stewards of the Club.

The new faces in the Board of Appeal are: Mr. Asif Lampwalla (623 votes) and Mr. Byram N Jeejeebhoy (579 votes).

The nine elected members are: Vivek Jain (824 votes), Champaklal Zaveri (760 votes), Jaydev Mody (678 votes), S.C.Jain (605 votes), Geoffrey Nagpal (587 votes), Shyam Ruia (577 votes), K.N.Dhunjibhoy (567 votes), Ram Shroff (564 votes) and Shivlal Daga (494 votes).


RWITC elections on Dec. 18December 16, 2012

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