Dhishkyaon and Petite Fleur worked well when the horses were exercise here on Wednesday morning.

Sand track

600m: Razeena (N.Jodha), Lorelei (rb) 37.5. Former was superior. Rekindle (Jethu) 40. Easy. Maple Star (Jethu) 42.5. Easy. Copperglow (rb), Shining Path (app) 39. They ended level. Mt. Tianmen (Kavraj), Walk Of Fame (app) 40. Pair level. Double O Seven (Pasha), Millennium Falcon (rb) 40. Both are 2/y/o’s and ended level. 

800m: Indiscrete (R.K.Mahesh), Sydney (Pereira)  51.5, 600/37. Both moved level freely. Sombrero (Akshay), Just By Chance (V.Jodha) 52.5, 600/38.5. They moved level freely. Aigiaon (D.K.Ashish), Manyatta (Pasha) 50, 600/37.5. Former moved well and they finished level. Halle (V.Jodha) 56.5, 600/43.5. Easy. Amara (Akshay), Augutus (V.Jodha) 49.5, 600/37. Former was well in hand and they finished level. 2/y/o Play Fair (Pasha), Superlicious (app) 51.5, 600/38.5. Both moved well and finished level. Only One (Chandrakant) 52.5, 600/39.5. Moved freely. Janis Jay (Hamir), Manyara (rb) 51.5, 600/38.5. Former finished a distance ahead. 2/y/o Be Safe (Pasha), Ace Christaleni (Pereira) 52.5, 600/39.5. Former finished well clear. Cactus Cash (Vaibhav), Sumo (rb) 49, 600/36.5. Former finished three lengths ahead. Rajasthan Royals (rb) 47.5, 600/35. Moved attractively. To The Moon (Chandrakant) 53, 600/39.5. Moved freely. Sheer Romance (S.Nayak) 48.5, 600/36.5. Pushed. Saina Gold (rb), Ceasarina (rb) 55, 600/40. Pair level. Lhoste (Prasad), a bay filly (Tejano/Somerset West) (Pereira) 53, 600/39.5. They are 2/y/o’s and ended level. Overtime Magic (S.Nayak), Be Cool (V.Jodha) 53.5, 600/39. They ended level. Belmont (Kamlesh) 50.5, 600/38.5. Moved well. Aurnia (Pereira), Speed Up (Prasad) 53, 600/38.5. Former finished four lengths ahead. Incentio (T.Mahesh), Izarra (V.Jodha) 51.5, 600/38.5. Former ended two lengths in front. Starry Eyes (Merchant), Way Out (Kamlesh) 52, 600/37. Both are in good shape. Ghanghorr (S.Sunil), 2/y/o Zeda (Pradeep) 48.5, 600/37. Former strode out well and finished four lengths ahead. Fireworks (Vaibhav), Adams Spirit (Kavraj) 51, 600/38. They moved level freely. Emperor Of France (S.Sunil), Gothenberg (Sandeep Jadhav) 48, 600/36.5. Former easily finished well ahead. Swashbuckler (Kharadi), The Big Bull (Zervan) 53, 600/40. Former is in good shape. Cyclops (Vaibhav), Ethics (Kavraj) 50, 600/36.5. Former was one length better. Midnight Lady (D.A.Naik), Gates Of Heaven (Akshay) 52, 600/38.5. They finished level freely. Dhishkyaon (S.Sunil), Su O Moto (rb) 49, 600/36.5. Former moved well and finished six lengths ahead. Dreamliner (Agarwal), Myla Rose (app) 56, 600/41.5. Pair easy. Ocean Of Faith (Ranjane) 52.5, 600/40. Pushed. Moon Shadow (D.A.Naik), Wings Of Glory (Akshay) and Tuscania (app) 50, 600/37. First and second named finished four lengths in front.

1,000m: Rajsamman (rb) 1-5.5, 800/52, 600/39. Moved attractively. Governor (rb), Laurus Tikati (N.Jodha) 1-7, 800/52, 600/39. Former easily finished four lengths ahead. Woven Dreams (V.Jodha) 1-5, 600/37.5. Moved well. Celtic King (Merchant) 1-10.5, 800/54, 600/40. Moved freely. Blue Legend (app), Rambuttan (I.Pardeshi) 1-6.5, 800/51, 600/38. They finished level freely. Jeremiah (Kharadi) 1-13.5, 600/43.5. Easy. Pappillon (Pradeep) 1-7, 600/39.5. Moved well. Vaile Rouge (N.Jodha) 1-6, 800/51, 600/38. Moved well.

1,200m: Majestic Reward (Hamir), Holy Bull (Neeraj) 1-21, 1,000/1-6.5, 800/52, 600/39.5. They moved neck and neck freely. Silver Arrow (Jethu), Zakynthos (S.Shinde) 1-23.5, 600/39. Both were easy. Highraz (Hamir), The Pace (Agarwal) 1-22, 600/41. Former is in good shape.

1,400m: The Ministerian (Jethu) 1-39, 800/54.5, 600/41.5. Moved freely.

1,600m: New World (S.Sunil) 1-53, 600/41. Pressed.

Gate practice (Sand)

1,000m: Natalian Express (I.Pardeshi), Dancing Jenny (app) 1-4, 600/38. They were urged and ended level. Durer (Pasha), Fabrizio (Jethu) 1-8, 600/41. Former is in good shape and finished four lengths ahead. Petite Fleur (N.Jodha), Aravali (rb) 1-3, 800/49, 600/37. Former moved on tight reins and finished three lengths ahead. Former should make amends. Jet Stream (D.S.Rathore), Chasing Dreams (Hamir) 1-7.5, 600/40. Former finished a distance ahead.              

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