Dancing Prances and Silver Streak caught the eye when the horses were exercised in Pune on Monday morning.

Sand track

600m: Antartica Zone (app), Shining Path (I.Pardeshi) 42. Pair easy. Walk Of Life (rb) 40. Urged.

800m: Cliff Of Moore (rb), Aventador (Ikram) 54, 600/41. Former was one length superior. Doc Holiday (Ikram) 2/y/o Daishonin (rb) 57, 600/42. They were easy. Prince Arius (rb), a 2/y/o bay gelding (Glory Of Dancer/Felicitad) (T.S.Jodha) 53, 600/39. They moved level freely. 2/y/o The Myth (Jethu), Mars (rb) 56, 600/42. Pair easy. Beforememoryfades (Jethu) 49, 600/37. Moved attractively. Strategy (rb), Pitbull (S.Sunil) 49, 600/37. Former moved well and finished five lengths ahead. My Freedom (Sandeep Jadhav), 2/y/o Zeda (Pradeep) 49, 600/37. Both moved neck and neck freely. Mountain Force (Sandeep Jadhav), 2/y/o War Machine (Pradeep) 50, 600/37. Both moved well. Bella Figura (rb) 52, 600/38. Pressed. Savannah Sound (S.Sunil) 52, 600/38. Urged.

1,000m: A 2/y/o bay filly (Phoenix Tower/Merwah) (Merchant) 1-10, 600/41. Moved freely. Chasing Dreams (Dashrath), Mzuri (Hamir) 1-9, 600/40. They moved freely. 2/y/o’s Strategic Move (Jethu), Discourse (rb) 1-10, 600/41. Former ended four lengths in front. Ghanghorr (Sandesh), Aromatica (Sandeep Jadhav) 1-4, 600/38. They moved level freely.

1,200m: Dancing Prances (P.Naidu), Zidaan (Hamir) 1-17, 600/38. Former started three lengths behind and easily finished five lengths ahead. Former to note. Silver Streak (Pradeep), Negotiator (Sandeep Jadhav) 1-17, 600/38. Former made up three lengths and finished level freely. To The Manor Born (Jethu), Satyamev Jayate (rb) 1-21, 600/38. Former started four lengths behind and finished a distance ahead. War Horse (Pradeep), Falco Nero (Sandesh) 1-18, 600/37. Former impressed a lot.

1,600m: Majestic Reward (Hamir), Janis Jay (Dashrath) 1-48, 600/42.5. Former strode out well and finished five lengths ahead.

Gate practice (Sand track)

1,000m: A 2/y/o bay gelding (Dancing Forever/Badraan) (Sandesh), a 2/y/o chestnut filly (Mr. Sidney/Ashiyna) (Merchant) 1-5, 600/39. They jumped out well and moved level freely. First And Only One (Pasha), Staying Alive (Dharmendar) and a 2/y/o bay colt (Ace/Impazzata) (P.Naidu) 1-7, 600/41. They moved level freely. Hidden Asset (Bernard), 2/y/o Chase The Aces (S.Nayak) 1-9, 600/39. Former better. Zakynthos (Sameer) 1-6, 600/39. Moved well.

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