Cream Of The Crop excelled when the horses were exercised here on Monday morning.

Inner sand

600m: Adios Amigo (Pasha), Achilles (rb) 41. They were easy. Quid Pro Quo (Neeraj) 40. Easy. Top Cop (Sandesh), Golden Wave (Chandrakant) 40.5. They ended level. Mykonos (Merchant) 41.5. Easy.

800m: Carlton House (S.N.Chavan) 57.5, 600/43. Easy. Mt Tianmen (rb), Umarkot (R.Vaibhav) and Oriental Rocky (Kavraj) 52.5, 600/38.5. They moved level freely. Presence (Sandesh), Lightening Thunder (Chandrakant) 50, 600/38. They were pushed and former finished six lengths ahead. Star Benevolent (Hamir) 1400/600m 55. Easy. Ice Age (Mansoor), Bay Of Love (Ranjane) 51.5, 600/39. Former moved well and they finished level.

1,400m: Cream Of The Crop (rb), Flash Drive (Kavraj) 1-34, 1,200/1-19, 1,000/1-5, 800/52, 600/38.5. Former is in good shape and finished a distance ahead.

Outer sand

600m: Born For Glory (T.S.Jodha) 39. Moved freely.

800m: Brazil (Ashad Asbar), Monarchos (Neeraj) and Sleuth (P.Naidu) 51, 600/37. Brazil was the pick.

1,400m: Polynesia (I.Pardeshi) 1-35.5, 600/42.5. Pressed in the last part.

Race track

600m: To The Manor Born (Neeraj), Veritas (rb) 39. They moved freely. Paris (Merchant), Hawaiian Princess (Rupesh) 38. Both moved level freely.

1,000m: Zanthos (Ashad Asbar) 1-6, 600/36. Moved well. Only One (rb), Windsor (S.Kamble) 1-3, 600/35. Both were urged and finished level.

1,600m: Cogito Ergo Sum (Neeraj) 1-45, 1,200/1-17, 1,000/1-3, 600/36. Moved attractively.

Gate practice (Inner sand)

1,000m: Amaya (Pasha), Enlightenment (D.K.Ashish) 1-10.5, 600/40.5. They jumped out well. Embraer (Pereira), a bay filly (Hateef/Offshore Anna) (R.K.Mahesh) 1-7, 600/40. They moved level freely. Fontainebleau (Parmar), Administrate (rb) 1-10, 600/42. Former ended four lengths in front. Neon Light (rb), Ricochet (Rupesh) and Minstrel Son (Kavraj) 1-6.5, 600/40. Neon Light finished a distance ahead. Supertramp (Pasha), Classy Dancer (R.K.Mahesh) 1-7.5, 600/40. Former finished six lengths ahead. Grand March (P.Naidu), Arabian Queen (rb) 1-6, 600/39. Former finished six lengths ahead. Aravali (rb) 1-7, 600/41. Moved well.

Mock race (Race track) — April 14

1,200m: Lazor Razor (Agarwal), Balinga (Prasad) and Mega Star (Pasha) 1-15, 600/37. 5l, 8l. Lazor Razor won from start to finish.

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