Caesars Star pleased when the horses were exercised here on Friday (November 29) morning.

Inner sand:

600m: St Barts (rb) 1200/600m 40. Easy. Miracle Of Mercy (rb) 1200/600m 41. Urged.

800m: Mambo Magic (Shelar) 55, 600/41.5. Urged. Zoltan (Merchant), Oriental Dawn (rb) 54.5, 600/40.5. Former finished six lengths ahead. Rajsamman (Kavraj) 53, 600/40.5. Moved well. Fortune Hunter (Kavraj) 52.5, 600/38.5. Moved well. Sailor (Merchant), Razeena (rb) 54.5, 600/40.5. They ended level.

1000m: Beforememoryfades (Jethu) 1-11.5, 600/44. Easy. Divine Solitaire (P.Naidu), Universal Joy  (C.S.Jodha) 1-11, 800/55, 600/40.5. Pair moved level freely. 2/y/os Artiste (J.Fortune), Frankanella (Pradeep) 1-9, 800/53.5, 600/39. They moved level freely. Skywalk (S.Kamble) 1-9, 600/43. Moved freely.

Outer sand:

600m: Ace Of Heart (I.Pardeshi) 1200/600m 37.5. Moved freely.

800m: Star Trainer (rb) 53.5, 600/40. Moved well. 2/y/os Don Corleone (app), Leothefiercehorse (I.Pardeshi) 56, 600/41. Pair level. 2/y/o Captain Abdon (app), Fireworks (Kavraj) 55, 600/41. Former ended five lengths in front. Morals (Neeraj) 55, 600/42. Moved freely. Nefyn (J.Fortune) 58, 600/43. Easy. Winds Of Fortune (rb) 1400/600m 53. Moved well.

1000m: Blazing Torronaado (Sandeep Jadhav), Love Parade (S.Sunil) 1-12, 600/43. Pair level. Reynolds (Zervan), Protector Of Paris (Kharadi) 1-10, 600/42.5. Former ended two lengths in front.

1200m: Bombardier (Pasha) 1-25, 600/42.5. Moved freely. Aviator (Jethu), Gran Turismo (S.Shinde) 1-26, 1000/1-10.5, 600/40.5. They finished level freely. Falcon (Neeraj), Okavango (R.K.Mahesh) 1-23, 600/42.5. Former superior.

1600m: Ceasars Star (Kavraj), Cactus Cash (Nikhil) 1-50, 600/41. Former strode out well and finished two lengths ahead.

Gate practice — noted on the inner sand:

1000m: 2/y/os Zodiac (J.Fortune), A bay colt (Chevalier/Sao Gabriel) (D.S.Rathore) 1-9.5, 600/41. They were urged and finished level. Forest Vision (Jethu) 1-8, 600/40. Moved well. 2/y/os Titiana (Sandeep Jadhav), A bay filly 2/y/o (Ace/Lady One) (rb) 1-10, 600/43. Former finished six lengths ahead. Tinogona (Bernard), Rule Downunder (S.Nayak) 1-11, 600/42. Pair level. Zanthos (Hamir), A 2/y/o bay colt (Ace/Lady Angharad) (Hamir) and The Pace (I.Pardeshi) 1-9.5, 600/43. Trio moved level freely. Savannah Sound (Pradeep), Saturday Affair (D.S.Rathore) 1-10, 600/44. Pair easy. Siddhi (Bernard), 2/y/o Act Of Valour (F.Irani) 1-10.5, 600/41. Both moved freely. Staying Alive (rb), Alectar (Dharmendar) and Arabian Glory (P.Naidu) 1-11, 600/44. Staying Alive finished six lengths ahead of others. 2/y/os Discourse (Jethu), Pure Champion (Zameer) 1-10.5, 800/54.5, 600/40.5. Former finished six lengths ahead. Be Cool (Bernard), 2/y/o Hudson Hawk (S.Nayak) 1-12, 600/43. Pair level. Supreme Minstrel (Mosin), 2/y/o Top Commander (Jehtu) 1-7, 800/51.5, 600/39. Former ended vie lengths in front.


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