Blushing Romeo ridden by N. Rupa won the Madras Race Club Gold Cup, the chief event of the races held here on Sunday (June 8). The winner is trained by R. Foley.

1. LONDON BRIDGE PLATE (Div. I), (1,300m), rated 00 to 20: Flying Man (C. A. Brisson) 1, Kiss Me (Saddam Iqbal) 2, Born To Luxury (Manikandan) 3 and Luck By Chance (Shahar Babu) 4. Hd, 5-1/4 and 6. 1m 26.91s. Owners: M/s. A. D’Silver H. L. Ali Khan, V. V. Murthy & Mrs. Kathleen D’Silver. Trainer: D’Silver.

2. LONDON BRIDGE PLATE (Div. II), (1,300m), rated 00 to 20: Chotah Sarkar (Manikandan) 1, Ice Drop (S. Manohar) 2, Tender Mist (Bopanna) 3 and Jack Palance (S. S. Azad) 4. 2-3/4, 7-1/2 and 3-1/4. 1m 27.07s. Owners: Mrs. Anitha Iqbal, M/s. S. Yogesh Babu, B. Lucaz & S. Narasimalu. Trainer: M. J. Iqbal.

3. RED SEA PLATE (Div. I), (1,200m), 3-y-o only (Terms): Scent Of Roses (Rajendra Singh) 1, Starlight Princess (Prem) 2, Miss Sophisticated (Ross) 3 and Party Royal (N. Rupa) 4. 3, 2-1/4 and 2-3/4. 1m 19.51s. Owner: Mr. K. Muthu Vellaiyan. Trainer: R. Foley.

4. RED SEA PLATE (Div. II), (1,200m), 3-y-o only (Terms): Artistic Jewel (Casey) 1, Vision Of Love (Rajendra Singh) 2, Night Of Passion (Prem) 3 and Bravo King (Ross) 4. 4-1/4, 2-1/4 and 2-1/2. 1m 20.62s. Owner: Mr. PL. Ravi. Trainer: R. Foley.

5. MADRAS RACE CLUB GOLD CUP (1,200m), rated 100 & above: Blushing Romeo (N. Rupa) 1, Bounty Star (Prem) 2, Precious Princess (Ross) 3 and King Atlantis (Rajendra Singh) 4. 3-1/2, 2-1/4 and 5. 1m 19.74s. Owner: Mr. PL. Ravi. Trainer: R. Foley.

6. RUNNYMEDE PLATE (1,200m), 7-y-o & over, rated 40 to 65: Golden Symbol (N. Rupa) 1, Angelo (Rajendra Singh) 2, Fly For Sure (Venkatesan) 3 and Noble Salute (Ross) 4. 5, 3-1/2 and 1-1/4. 1m 18.75s. Owner: Mr. PL. Ravi. Trainer: R. Foley.

7. VAIKAM PLATE (1,300m), rated 80 & above: Above The Clouds (Venkatesan) 1, Autumn Pearl (N. Rupa) 2, Royal Conquest (Ross) 3 and Highly Regarded (Prem) 4. 5-1/4, 3 and 1-1/4. 1m 25.58s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: R. Foley.

8. THENI PLATE (1,200m), rated 60 to 85: Duke Of Windsor (Casey) 1, Noble Kingdom (Ross) 2, Elusive Warrior (Md. Hesnain) 3 and Pride Of The Hills (Prem) 4. 6, 1-3/4 and 2. 1m 18.13s. Owner: Mr. PL. Ravi. Trainer: R. Foley.

9. SRIVILLIPUTHUR PLATE (1,400m), rated 20 to 40: Hall Of Glory (Rajendra Singh) 1, Source Code (Ross) 2, Star Miracle (C. A. Brisson) 3 and Fair Option (Venkatesan) 4. Not run. Success Star. Shd, 7 and 2-1/4. 1m 29.28s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: B. Suresh.

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