Be Safe, High Expectation and Shivalik Skies caught the eye when the horses were exercised here on Wednesday (January 29) morning.

Inner sand:

800m: Tammy O (Shelar), Incandescent (Neeraj) 54.5, 600/40.5. They were easy. Shivalik Glory (Neeraj), Montreal (Shelar) 56, 600/41. They ended level. Savannah Sound (H.G. Rathod), Cambridgeshire (D.S. Rathore) 54, 600/42. They finished level freely. Hudson Hawk (S. Nayaj), Rein In Spain (V. Jodha) 53, 600/39.5. Former ended two lengths in front. Anahi (rb) 53, 600/38.5. Moved well. Great Expectation (Fr’co Dasilva) 52, 600/39. Moved well. Top Commander (Jethu) 50.5, 600/38.5. Moved well. Arizona Sun (Pradeep), Chicharito (S. Sunil) 52, 600/39. Former ended four lengths in front. Quasar (R. Woodworth), Barringo (Pasha) 53, 600/40. Former was hard held and they finished level. Capilano (Trainer) 55, 600/41. Moved freely. Patriotic (B. Sreekanth) 57, 600/43. Easy. Invincible (Kavraj), Adams Spirit (rb) 52, 600/38. They moved level freely. Nirbhaya (D.A. Naik) 52, 600/39. Moved well.

1000m: Alaindair (Srinath) 1-6.5, 800/52, 600/38. Moved well. Blue Ace (Kavraj), Ocean Dream (Sandeep Jadhav) 1-7, 600/40. They finished level freely. Celtic Prince (Srinath) 1-10.5, 600/40.5. Good. Majestic Opinion (B.Sreekanth), Iridescence (Fr’co Dasilva) 1-7.5, 600/39.5. Former moved well and finished five lengths ahead. Angel In The Sky (Pradeep), Cent Per Cent (S.Sunil) 1-4.5, 600/39. Former finished four lengths ahead. Be Safe (B. Sreekanth), Emerging Star (Pasha) 1-5.5, 800/50.5, 600/37.5. Former who was two lengths behind at the start easily finished a distance ahead. Former should repeat. Ishpingo (S. Sunil) 1-10, 600/42. Moved freely. Shivalik Skies (Sandesh), Yellowzone (Rupesh) 1-6, 800/52, 600/39. Former strode out well and finished five lengths ahead. Note former.

1200m: Murioi (Fr’co Dasilva), Mars (Jethu) 1-24, 1000/1-9, 600/40.5. Former started eight lengths behind and easily finished level.

Outer sand:

800m: Jimbo (R. Woodworth) 50, 600/37. Moved well. Isadoro (Mosin) 50, 600/36.5. Moved attractively. Zumi Zumi (Mosin), Osric (Zameer) 50.5, 600/37. Former moved well and they finished level. Purple Moonlight (S. Kamble) 55, 600/41. Easy. Isn’t She Special (David Allan) 56, 600/42. Easy.

1000m: Ancient World (D.A. Naik) 1-7, 600/40. Moved well. Desert Wings (V. Jodha), Victoria Falls (S. Nayak) 1-6, 600/40. They moved level freely. Last Chance (Srinath), Zanthos (C.S. Jodha) 1-7, 600/39. Former finished six lengths ahead. High Expectation (R. Woodworth), Millennium Falcon (Pasha) 1-5, 600/38.5. Former was well in hand and finished a distance ahead. Former to note. Zurich (R. Woodworth), Double O Seven (Pasha) 1-8, 600/40. Former superior. Hawker (R. Woodworth), Rewarding Desire (Pasha) 1-8, 600/40. Former easily finished two lengths ahead.

1200m: Ace Fantasy (David Allan) 1-18, 1000/1-4, 800/51, 600/38. Moved attractively. Holy Bull (Hamir), Speed King (C.S. Jodha) 1-20, 1000/1-6, 800/53,

600/40. Former was well in hand while the latter was urged to end level.

1400m: Jeremiah (Zervan), Clinton (Akshay) 1-39.5, 1200/1-24.5, 600/41. Former superior.

Gate practice noted on the inner sand:

1000m: Divine Spark (Mansoor), Divine Wish (P. Naidu) 1-10, 600/42. Former was two lengths better.

Noted on January 28:

Inner sand:

800m: Backstreet Bay (Sandesh) 1-12, 600/43. Easy.

1000m: Tammy O (Sandesh) 1-10, 600/41. Moved freely. Way Out (Sandesh) 1-12, 600/43. Easy.

Outer sand:

800m: Zoltan (rb) 53, 600/39. Moved well. Rio (Pasha) 50, 600/37. Pleased.

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