Antonios, ridden by Kamlesh, won the Paranjape Eve Champion Trophy, the main event of Sunday’s races here. The winner is owned by Mr. J.K. Rattonsey, Mr. Farouq K. Rattonsey, rep. Hyperion Bloodstock Pvt Ltd, and Mr. Hoosain S. Nensey. S.S. Shah trains the winner.

1. AL DENTE PLATE (1,000m), Cl. V, rated 0 to 26: Mister Fixit (Parmar) 1, Classic Spirit (Tograllu) 2, The Rebel (Ikram) 3 and Sudden Impact (Aaron) 4. 3/4, 3/4, Nk. 1m 1.36s. Rs.18 (w), 14 and 19 (p). SHP: Rs.34, FP: Rs.44, Q: Rs.33, Tanala: Rs.138 and Rs.99. Favourite: Mister Fixit. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. D.J. Surti, M/s. Darius D. Surti & Jehangir D. Surti. Trainer: D.J. Surti.

2. ZEPHYR BAY PLATE (1,600m), Maiden, 3-y-o only: First Empire (B. Prakash) 1, River Pride (Appu) 2, Star Alliance (Suraj Narredu) 3 and Divine Majesty (M. Narredu) 4. 6-1/4, 1, 2-3/4. 1m 39.30s. Rs.92 (w), 30 and 21 (p). SHP: Rs.37, FP: Rs.148, Q: Rs.109, Tanala: Rs.321 and Rs.132. Favourite: Star Alliance. Owner: Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: Karthik G.

3. CLASSIC STORY TROPHY (1,200m), Maiden, 3-y-o only: Scenic Silver (C. Rajendra) 1, Sea Warrior (I.Chisty) 2, Premier Connection (Suraj Narredu) 3 and Sacred Relic (Baria) 4. 4-1/4, Dist, Sh. 1m 11.92s. Rs.14 (w), 10, 13 and 18 (p). SHP: Rs.20, FP: Rs.21, Q: Rs.18, Tanala: Rs.40 and 32. Favourite: Scenic Silver. Owners: Mr. Haresh N. Mehta, rep. Rohan Bloodstock Pvt Ltd. Trainer: Mansoor Shah.

4. RONIN PLATE (1,600m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Cabriolet (M. Narredu) 1, Classic Ruler (C. Rajendra) 2, Blade Runner (Suraj Narredu) 3 and Golden Kingdom (Stephane) 4. 6-1/4, 4-1/4, 2-3/4. 1m 37.68s. Rs.20 (w), 12, 16 and 32 (p). SHP: Rs.45, FP: Rs.56, Tanala: Rs.368 and Rs.177. Favourite: Cabriolet. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. K.N. Dhunjibhoy, Mr. Zahir K. Dhunjibhoy, rep. Five Star Shipping Co Pvt Ltd, & Mr. Farouq K. Rattonsey, rep. Hyperion Bloodstock Pvt. Ltd. Trainer: P. Shroff.

5. RAJARAM CHHATRAPATI TROPHY (1,800m), Cl. II, rated 60 to 86: Highland Crown (I. Chisty) 1, Dancing Glory (Dashrath) 2, Saltoro (N. Jodha) 3 and Flashing Flame (Stephane) 4. 2, Sh, 3. 1m 52.81s. Rs.15 (w), 11 and 21 (p). SHP: Rs.30, FP: Rs.34, Q: Rs.21, Tanala: Rs.38 and Rs.14. Favourite: Highland Crown. Owners: Rakesh Kumar Wadhawan & Mr. Prem Tharani, rep. Wadhawan Livestock Pvt Ltd. Trainer: C.D. Katrak.

6. PARANJAPE EVE CHAMPION TROPHY (2,000m), 4-y-o & over: Antonios (Kamlesh) 1, Yana (Dashrath) 2, Mr Greedy (Neeraj) 3 and Nora (I. Chisty) 4. 1-1/4, Sh, 3-1/2. 2m 1.85s. Rs.41 (w), 18, 12 and 39 (p). SHP: Rs.42, FP: Rs.68, Q: Rs.30, Tanala: Rs.56 and Rs.29. Favourite: Yana. Owners: Mr. J.K. Rattonsey, Mr. Farouq K. Rattonsey, rep. Hyperion Bloodstock Pvt. Ltd, & Mr. Hoosein S. Nensey. Trainer: S.S. Shah.

7. ROYAL PRINCESS PLATE (1,400m), Cl. III, rated 40 to 66: Clarion Call (Kamlesh) 1, Aristocratic (C. Rajendra) 2, Rising Hero (Parmar) 3 and Doi Moi (Neeraj) 4. Nk, 3/4, 3. 1m 24.61s. Rs.190 (w), 35, 11 and 44 (p). SHP: Rs.51, FP: Rs.540, Q: Rs.116, Tanala: Rs.4,133 and Rs.1,771. Favourite: Aristocratic. Owners: Mr. Dinsha P. Shroff, Mrs. Nari D. Chotia & Mr. Dallas Todywalla. Trainer: Dallas Todywalla.

8. GOLFING PLATE (1,200m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Saba (I. Chisty) 1, Thundering Star (Dashrath) 2, Monarchos (C. Rajendra) 3 and Rodrigo (D.K. Ashish) 4. 4-1/4, 1/2, 1/2. 1m 11.96s. Rs.16 (w), 11, 81 and 18 (p). SHP: Rs.251, FP: Rs.228, Q: Rs.474, Tanala: Rs.771 and Rs.380. Favourite: Saba. Owner: Mr. M.A. Ladak. Trainer: Rehanullah Khan.

Jackpot: 70 per cent: Rs.2,599 (175 tkts). 30 per cent: Rs.596 (327 tkts).

Treble: (i) Rs.763 (59 tkts). (ii) Rs.979 (64 tkts).

Super Jackpot: 70 per cent: Rs.1,751 (165 tkts). 30 per cent: Rs.390 (317 tkts).

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