J.T. Yugesh Kumar and A.V. Jayaveena sparkled at the State aquatics meet by adding one and two gold medals each to their tally as the three-day event drew to close at the SDAT-Velachery Complex here on Sunday. The effort helped the duo emerge the individual champions in the men’s and women’s categories respectively.

In addition to these two, aided by great performances from Jaywant Vijayakumar, Shruthi Mahalingam and V.K.R. Meenakshi, the Turtles team bagged the men’s and women’s team prizes and the overall championship as well. In all four meet records were bettered on the final day.

The results (winners only):

Men: 50m freestyle: Jaywant Vijayakumar (Turtles) 0:24.64; 1500m freestyle: J.T. Yugesh Kumar (Turtles) 17:22.42; 50m backstroke: N. Arvind (TSPA) 0:29.35; 50m breaststroke: T. Emil Robin Singh (TDSA Tirunelveli) 0:32.37; 200m IM: T. Sethu Manickavel (TDSA Tirunelveli) 2:19.34; 4x100m medley relay: TSPA 4:10.75 (NMR) (OR: Turtles 4:10.76, 2012).

Women: 50m freestyle: Mugdha Mallareddy (ORCA) 0:28.76; 1500m freestyle: Shruthi Mahalingam (Turtles) 18:38.32 (NMR) (OR: Kavya Gopalakrishnan 18:58.68, 2012); 50m backstroke: V.K.R. Meenakshi (Turtles) 0:31.92 (NMR) (OR: C. Ayshwarya 0:32.00, 2011); 50m breaststroke: A.V. Jayaveena (Turtles) 0:35.47; 200m IM: Jayaveena 2:26.71 (NMR) (OR: Jayaveena 2:29.63, 2012); 4x100m medley relay: Turtles 4:51.37.

Individual championship: Men: J.T. Yugesh Kumar (Turtles), 36 pts; Women: A.V. Jayaveena (Turtles), 35 pts.

Team championship: Men: Turtles, 216 pts; Women: Turtles, 239 pts.

Overall champion: Turtles: 455 pts.

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