Iranian Hossein Vafeal Ayouri will clash with Lee Walker of Wales in the final of the 37th IBSF World snooker championship at the KSBA here.

Ayouri outclassed Kamal Chawla 7-2 in the first semifinal, while Walker dished out ‘percentage' snooker to thump the host's brightest hope, Pankaj Advani 7-1 to end the Indian challenge.

An awesome Ayouri hardly let Chawla get a close look in at the table, winning the first five frames in quicksilver fashion, before the latter could pull one back. But that was just a flicker as Ayouri bounced back to seal the match.

Ayouri, who had an exposure at the Shanghai Masters before this championship, said “it has helped immensely. A win here will strengthen my claims for turning pro.”

With a runner-up finish in the Asian under-21 already in his kitty, the 17-plus lad has set his sights on a bigger stage and his attacking play here is a testimony to his ability. “Against Lee though I will be a lot more cautious,” he added.

Double delight

Earlier in the morning, Advani over-ran Belgium's Oeter Bullen 6-2 in the quarterfinals before Chawla made it a double delight with a hard fought tense 6-5 win over Kevin van Hove, also of Belgium.

“I did start well enough with a 60-odd break. But he produced a brilliant 123 which rattled me a bit. Against someone like Bullen one does not get a second chance and I had to seize mine... so I made every visit count,” said the champion cueist from Bangalore.

Advani did not have a big break like in his earlier matches but with some crucial and useful breaks he kept the Belgian rueing his luck.

In the eighth frame, Pankaj snooked Bullen on the brown and the latter conceded 27 points in trying to wriggle out. This helped Advani's cause immensely.

For Advani it's been a story of ‘been there, done that' but for the 31-year-old Chawla, it was a maiden semifinal entry in the Worlds.

Great feeling

“This is my third international event this year and it is a good achievement. Thanks to Selvel and the Madhya Pradesh government I had a two-week stint at Sheffield just before this championship and I am grateful for that. It has been a good experience,” said Chawla.

“I again had a patchy game. After leading 3-1, there was a slump. My arm was twisting and in the sixth my ‘spotting' was awry and instead of going 4-2 up, I let the Belgian level at 3-3 and then trailed 3-4. But in the eighth, I got my rhythm back and won the next two (5-4),” said Chawla.

van Hove clinched the 10th with some fine potting to take the match into the decider which Chawla, keeping his cool, won at 77-36.

In the other quarterfinals, Walker ended the winning spree of Thepchaiya Un Noo of Thailand with a 6-2 scoreline, while Ayouri potted with great precision to humble Ireland's Brendan O'Donoghue.

The results:

Semifinals (Best of 13 frames): Lee Walker (Wal) bt Pankaj Advani (Ind) 7-1 (68-82, 61-41, 69-39, 115-0, 85-42, 67-28, 108-33, 73-52); Hossein Vafael Ayouri (Iri) bt Kamal Chawla (Ind) 7-2 (67-32, 65-43, 108-9, 68-5, 74-25, 56-67, 71-16, 61-74, 88-36)

Quarterfinals (Best of 11 frames): Advani bt Peter Bullen (Bel) 6-2 (71-7, 0-123, 34-75, 92-21, 67-60, 70-9, 63-16, 80-45); Walker bt Thepchaiya Un Nooh (Tha) 6-2 (11-95, 72-64, 67-25, 60-72, 68-4, 70-60, 59-55, 62-28); Vafael Ayouri bt Brendan O'Donoghue (Ire) 6-3 (80-62, 118-0, 63-73, 86-18, 33-73, 18-83, 85-1, 71-52, 74-0); Chawla bt Kevin van hove (Bel) 6-5 (3-87, 106-7, 93-15, 76-29, 6-112, 27-86, 46-66, 74-32, 72-35, 27-78, 77-35).

Pre-quarterfinals: Chawla bt Alok Kumar 5-4 (66-1, 4-120, 26-66, 68-59, 37-67, 23-76, 69-20, 67-31, 57-12).