Pseudoephedrine is back on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances.

The stimulant, which was banned until 2003, has been on WADA’s monitoring program since 2004. The program includes substances that are not prohibited but are monitored in order to detect patterns of misuse.

WADA’s executive committee decided over the weekend to put pseudoephdrine back on the prohibited list for 2010 because the monitoring had indicated “clear abuse” of the substance.

“Given the wide availability of medicines containing pseudoephedrine, WADA’s scientific committees and executive committee recommended that the reintroduction of pseudoephedrine be accompanied by information and education campaigns by WADA’s stakeholders,” WADA said in a statement.

Another change includes the status of salbutamol, an asthma drug which will now be permitted under 1,000 nanograms per millilitre. Also, its use will no longer require an exemption but only a declaration of use.

Supplemental oxygen, or hyperoxia, is no longer prohibited, and the status of blood spinning - injecting a person’s own blood back into the body - has also been clarified. It will be prohibited when administered by intramuscular route, but other forms of administration will be allowed with a declaration of use.

The new list will be published by WADA on October 1 and will take effect on January 1.

“This process is highly consultative and WADA’s role is one of facilitation,” WADA president John Fahey said. “I am satisfied that, once again, the 2010 list reflects the latest scientific advances.”

WADA’s next executive committee meeting will be held in Stockholm on December 1-2, just a few weeks after the organisation’s 10 anniversary.

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