Nineteen-year-old Vikash Anand maintained his good form and pace to snatch a convincing win in the second MRF F 1600 race of the National Racing Championship at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) here.

Tarun Reddy gave a fine performance to take the second position, while Japanese Kizuku Hirota managed the third.

Vikash, who was third on the grid, drove confidently before the decent Sunday crowd to register his first victory in the championship.

He also claimed the second spot on the championship table behind Ashwin Sundar, who did not race on the weekend.

Vikash started fairly well and increased his pace to get past Hirota on turn three before the long straight on the second lap.

“After getting ahead, I imagined a ghost car (in front) and drove quickly. There was tyre degradation, but I managed to finish the race,” said the Chennai-based Vikash.

Reddy, who was fifth after the first lap, overtook three competitors, including two Japanese, to steadily improve his position and take the second place 7.712 seconds behind city mate Vikash. Reddy bagged the third position in the overall championship.

N. Leela Krishnan, who got a 15-second penalty for jumping the start, slipped to third but won the championship in the Indian Touring Cars section.

Diljith took the top honour in another race to emerge as the first ever Toyota EMR overall champion.

The top three finishers on the championship table will get the chance to race in the Vios Cup in Thailand later this year.

In the Honda two-wheeler race, prominent rider Sarath Kumar and A. Prabhu got involved in an accident and retired from the competition.

The results: Two-wheelers (four laps): TVS Apache RTR 180: 1. Mathana Kumar 11:38.38, 2. Ananth Raj P. 11:48.633, 3. S.K. Prakash 11:48.809.

Yamaha-Y2F: 1. Shyam Shankar 11:23.624, 2. Mathana Kumar 11:23.682, 3. J. Allwyn Jebaz 11:24.59.

Honda CBR 250R: 1. K. Rajini 10:20.321, 2. Sumit Lucas Toppo 10:21.742, 3. Harshit Rao 10:22.373.

NRC Experts 165cc: 1. K. Jagan 10:26.427, 2. K. Rajini 10:26.61, 3. Deepak R. 10:26.692.

Four-wheelers: MRF F 1600 (eight laps): 1. Vikash Anand 17:10.09, 2. Tarun Reddy 17:17.802, 3. Kizuku Hirota 17:20.593.

Toyota EMR (six laps): Race 3: 1. Diljith 15:54.727, 2. Akhil Rabindra 16:01.595, 3. Dean Mascarenhas 16:07.914; Race 4: 1. Varun Anekar 15:58.959, 2. Akshay Gupta 15:59.796, 3. Binoy John Maddela 16:01.368.

ITC (six laps): 1. M. Sivaramakrishnan 14: 48.179, 2. Ramnarayan V. 14:50.051, 3. N. Leela Krishnan 14:50.433.

IJTC (six laps): 1. Feroze Khan 16:15.567, 2. Charen Chandran 16:18.892, 3. Ananth Pitawala 16:21.011.

Championship winners: MRF F 1600: 1. Ashwin Sundar, 2. Vikash Anand, 3. Tarun Reddy; Toyota EMR Trophy: 1. Diljith, 2. Akhil Rabindra, 3. Varun Anekar; ITC: 1. N. Leelakrishnan, 2. Arjun Balu, 3. V. Ramnarayan; IJTC: 1. Feroze Khan, 2. Charen Chandran, 3. V.J. Senthil.

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