SAILING / Crosby and Vishnu win Laser 4.7 fleet and Optimist class respectively

Varun Thakkar and Ganapathy triumphed in the 29er category while Patrick Crosby topped in the Laser 4.7 fleet. And Vishnu Sujeesh finish first in the Optimist class in the Raymond-India International Regatta that concluded here on Sunday.

Although the sea was relatively calmer, Thakkar and Ganapathy said the shifting winds posed a problem for the sailors. Thakkar said, “Winning was not the only idea that we came here with. We wanted to look at our performance, sought to improve in every aspect. We are pleased but there are areas where we can get better.”

Separate course

Since one more Optimist race had to be conducted to complete the series, the race committee elected to lay a separate course for the young sailors as they started out with the 29ers. The wind speed — about 4 to 5 knots at the start — dropped but, both, the 29er and the Optimist races could be completed within the stipulated time. However, the Laser 4.7 race had to be abandoned as it could not be finished inside the given time.

Vishnu wins

Vishnu Saravanan won Sunday’s race in the Optimist category with Vishnu Sujeesh and Chitresh Tatha following him. Since only five races were held and there were no discards, Vishnu Saravanan’s disqualification — for being `One the Course Side’ — in one race meant he could only finish with 70 points. This underlines the importance of fair and consistent sailing; every single race is vital and sailing by the rules counts.

Janaki Balachander lost the top position to Vishnu Sujeesh, thanks to a redressal of his protest when he finished 15th in Race No. 3 on Saturday. Janaki won the Girls Trophy while, another girl, Ramya Saravanan, took the Under-12 Trophy.

In the 29ers, Hussain and Rufus pipped Varun and Ganapathy by half a boat length in the lone race of the day in this category.

By then, Varun and Ganapathy were too far ahead of the field to be bothered by the loss. Aman Vyas and Shubham Pillai finsihed third.

The final results:

Optimist: Race 5: 1. Vishnu Saravanan; 2. Vishnu Sujeesh; 3. Chitresh Tatha.

Optimist (Overall): 1. Vishnu Sujeesh 9 points; 2. Janaki Balachander 22; 3. Dheer Singhi 31.

Optimist Girls: 1. Janaki Balachander 22 points; 2. Ramya Saravanan 42 points; 3. Alison Hoareau (Seychelles) 51.

Optimist Under-12: 1. Ramya Saravanan 42 points; 2. Chitresh Tatha 44; 3. Mahesh Balachander 48.

Laser 4.7: 4.7 Overall results: 1. Patrick Crosby (Ireland) 14 points; 2. Prince Noble 15; 3. Upamanyu Dutta 19.

29er: Race 9: 1. Hussain Bhavnagarvala & Rufus Patrick; 2. Ganapathy & Varun Thakkar; 3. Aman Vyas & Shubham Pillai.

29er final results: 1. Ganapathy & Varun Thakkar 8 points; 2. Varsha Gautham & Aishwarya Chezhian 21; 3. Hussain Bhavnagarvala & Rufus Patrick 24.

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