The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) is in the final stages of formulating a uniform coaching module in consonance with the firm Tenvic, owned by the former Indian cricket captain Anil Kumble. The TTFI, which recently signed a three-year deal with Tenvic, is looking to introduce a three-stage coaching module within a month or two.

“We have put together panels of experts sent by the International Table Tennis Federation and our own coaches and senior players to formulate the proper coaching module, which will be implemented all over the country,” said TTFI general secretary Dhanraj Choudhary.

“The players were suffering for so long in the absence of modern coaching methods, which we hope to bring to all coaches across the country by introducing the three-stage module,” he added.

The panels working to formulate the modules include Michael Anderson, Eric Lynd and Massimo Constantini from the ITTF, while Chetan Baboor, Bhawani Mukhejee and Achanta Sharath Kamal are deputed by the TTFI.

“It will be mandatory for every coach in the country to undergo different levels of courses under the module. The State associations will be asked to send at least three names for the initial training process,” Mr. Choudhary said.

Mentoring programme

The tie-up with Tenvic also envisages a players' mentoring programme.

The programme has been prepared to help the senior and junior players in the national team gain a higher level of mental agility.

“Initially around 20 players will benefit from the mentoring programme, which will focus on areas like psychological development, perfecting one's behaviour and learning to interact with the media,” the TTFI secretary said.

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