The oft-postponed 34th National Games are set to open on Saturday here. Yet, with two days to go for the opening ceremony, things at the ground level are far from encouraging.

To begin with chaos seems to be prevailing everywhere. With the State Government's decision to take over the conduct of the Games, the Jharkhand Olympic Association (JOA), which got the country's premier multi-disciplined mega event to the 28th State of India, has been totally marginalised.

The decision to bring in bureaucrats to handle the organisational aspect of the Games did not produce the desired results because things have slowed down considerably. But one could still hope the Games would be delivered and delivered well.

The JOA president, R.K. Anand, put it aptly. “Seven State governments have come and gone. Despite this we successfully managed to have the infrastructure ready for the Games. This is an achievement,'' he said.

But then the JOA's role seemed to have ended there abruptly. Even the 33rd National Games at Guwahati had the same problem but then the State government brought in bureaucrats to run the show successfully four years back. Jharkhand seems to have embarked upon the same plan.

When pointed out all the problems the media faced on Thursday, Mr. Anand promised to look into all of them but sought some more time to get things done.

The media got the worst deal in the sense that without accreditation cards its movement was restricted so much so that it could not perform its professional duties. One hopes Friday will be different.

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