On a day in which 12 new meet records were set, Tamil Nadu's Sherlyn Devadasan sparkled with two fresh marks in the 25th South Zone aquatic championship at the Basavanagudi Corporation Swimming Pool here on Tuesday.

Sherlyn scripted fresh records in girls' Group II 100m butterfly (1:09.90s) and 50m backstroke (33.08). The Tamil Nadu girl also won the 200m butterfly though a record eluded her in that event.

The results (winners only):

Boys: Group I: 800m freestyle: Saurabh Sangvekar (Kar), 8:37.51s (NMR, Old: 8:48.58, 2011); 200m IM: M. Arvind, 2:17.09 (NMR, Old: 2:18.43, Aaron D'Souza (Kar), 2008); 100m butterfly: Saurabh Sangvekar, 58.86; 50m backstroke: B. Pranam (Kar), 29.34 (NMR, Old: 29.35, M.B. Balakrishnan (TN), 2006); 400m IM: M. Arvind (Kar), 4:56.45 (NMR, Old: 4:58.42, Srinand Srinivas (Kar), 2004); 200m butterfly: Mitesh Kunte (Kar), 2:13.35 (NMR, Old: 2:14.08, Aaron D'Souza, 2008); 100m freestyle: A. Ajay (Kar), 55.04; 4 x 100m medley relay: Karnataka, 4:12.29 (NMR, Old: 4:18.16, Kar, 2011).

Group II: 800m freestyle: Md. Yaqoob Saleem (Kar), 9:31.43; 200m IM: R. Vishak (TN), 2:37.37 (NMR, Old: 2:23.85, B. Pranam (Kar), 2011); 100m butterfly: Adarsh Narayan (TN), 1:02.96; 50m backstroke: R. Vishak, 30.95; 400m IM: H. Pushpanand (Kar), 5:07.02; 200m butterfly: Nikhil Rajaram (Kar), 2:22.44; 100m freestyle: Adarsh Narayan, 58.01; 4 x 100m medley relay: Karnataka, 4:27.81 (NMR, Old: 4:27.95, Kar, 2011).

Group III: 100m freestyle: R. Sanjeev (Kar), 1:05.99; 100m butterfly: R. Sanjeev (Kar), 1:11.92; 4 x 50m medley relay: Karnataka, 2:16.22; 200m IM: S. Aswathaaman (TN), 2:40.31.

Group IV: 200m IM: N. Srihari (Kar), 2:54.50; 50m butterfly: D. Adhithya (TN), 34.53; 4 x 50m medley relay: Karnataka, 2:29.22.

Girls: Group I: 800m freestyle: Anusha Mehta (TN), 9:53.06; 200m IM: Bhoomi R. Motwani (Kar), 2:43.67; 100m butterfly: Kavya Gopalakrishnan (TN), 1:11.19; 50m backstroke: S. Vilassini (TN), 35.67; 400m IM: Bhoomi Motwani, 5:49.39; 200m butterfly: Kavya Gopalakrishnan, 2:45.58; 100m freestyle: Anusha Mehta, 1:01.05 (NMR, Old: 1:02.66, Arhata Magavi (Kar), 2011); 4 x 100m medley relay: Karnataka, 5:01.33 (NMR, Old: 5:03.75, Kar, 2008).

Group II: 800m freestyle: Shruthi Mahalingam (TN), 10:11.67; 200m IM: Mugdha Mallareddy (TN), 2:41.80; 100m butterfly: Sherlyn Devadasan (TN), 1:09.90 (NMR, Old: 1:10.18, T, Sneha (Kar), 2009); 50m backstroke: Sherlyn Devadasan, 33.08 (NMR, Old: 33.33, V.K.R. Meenakshi (TN), 2011); 400m IM: Deeksha Ramesh (Kar), 5:58.88; 200m butterfly: Sherlyn Devadasan, 2:40.89; 100m freestyle: Mugdha Mallareddy, 1:03.94; 4 x 100m medley relay: Karnataka 5:04.75.

Group III: 100m freestyle: Nikita Bhaiya (TN), 1:08.20; 100m butterfly: Nivya Raja (TN), 1:15.44; 4x 50m medley relay: Tamil Nadu, 2:22.46; 200m IM: Yashna Vummidi (TN), 2:40.47.

Group IV: 200m IM: V.K. Achuthan (Kar), 3:01.77; 50m butterfly: Amita Gondi (AP), 35.47; 4 x 50m medley relay: Karnataka, 2:37.75.

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