Arjun Maini posted a sensational victory in the last JK Formula BMW race to grab his second crown on the weekend in the JK Tyre racing championship (Round 3) at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) here on Sunday.

Maini, who had come second in the morning session, spectacularly overtook leader Vishnu Prasad on the final lap to win with a timing of 22:03.289. Chittesh, starting from sixth, got the reward for his persistent effort to finish at second ahead of Vishnu.

It was Vishnu who maintained a lead even as Bangalore-based Maini gave a close chase with a difference of less than a second between the two. Maini pressed hard to close the gap to 0.334 second after the penultimate lap.

On the last lap, Vishnu made a mistake on the first corner and it allowed Maini to overtake on the third. The right wing of Vishnu’s car got damaged after a contact with Maini and the incident dashed the Chennai driver’s hopes.

Maini was excited with his performance. “Now I am catching up Vishnu on the points table. I hope to secure three wins in the final round and win the championship,” said the promising 15-year-old.

Vishnu, who participated in six races (including three in the Formula LGB) over the weekend, did not agree that he lost focus due to fatigue. “It was not fatigue. I just made a mistake.”

However, in front of 15,000 spectators in the morning session, Vishnu won the Formula BMW race, also known as JK Racing India Series, by 1.3 seconds. Maini and Mahaveer Rangunathan earned second and third spots.

Seasoned driver Sarosh Hataria had a memorable round as he won all the three races of Formula LGB on the weekend and strengthened his claim for the championship title.

The results: Formula LGB (six laps): Race 2: 1. Sarosh Hataria (Dark Don Racing) 21:54.227, 2. Advait Deodhar (Dark Don Racing) 21:55.655, 3. Ameya Bafna (Rayo Racing) 22:05.033.

Race 3: 1. Hataria 19:55.854, 2. Bafna 19:56. 688, 3. Kartik Krishna (Dark Don Racing) 19.57.196.

JK Formula BMW (10 laps): Race 2: 1. Vishnu Prasad 22:09.439, 2. Arjun Maini 22:10.747, 3. Mahaveer Rangunathan 22:17.591.

Race 3: 1. Maini 22:03.289, 2. Chittesh Mandody 22:03.882, 3. Vishnu Prasad 22:05.958.

VW Polo R Cup (eight laps): Race 2: 1. Jeffery Kruger 23:26.631, 2. Karthik Tharani 23:32.563, 3. Lee Keshav Gupta 23:33.54.

Race 3: 1. Kruger 20:09.109, 2. Prashanth Tharani 20:31.577, 3. Yatin Magu 20:31.706.

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