Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh has come up with a proposal to the Sports Authority of India to ensure maximum utilisation of the existing world-class infrastructure at the Swarnandhra Pradesh Sports Complex (Gachibowli) over a long period, provided by the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh.

For the record, SAI Director General Gopala Krishna visited the complex along with senior officials of the SAAP on Friday to take an on-the spot assessment of the feasibility of various proposals which include setting up a Centre of Excellence at Gachibowli which should take care of about 400 trainees and train them in hockey, athletics, shooting and aquatics initially before branching out into other disciplines.

The SAI officials had a look at the multi-storeyed Sports Tower (which was constructed as an accommodation facility for the World Military Games a few years ago and now locked for all practical purposes).

“The whole idea is to seek SAAP help in getting accommodation for at least 400 trainees at free of cost. Once this major hurdle is cleared, SAI will take care of the expenses for setting up the CoE and also of maintenance as part of national programme to promote sports,” a senior SAI official involved in the talks told The Hindu.

“We are only looking at a permanent facility which takes care of the boarding and lodging aspects so that the stadia can be put to optimum use,” the official said.


“Yes, we are optimistic of giving a final shape to this proposal which should mutually beneficial for both SAI and the SAAP. After all, the end-result is that the athletes from the State will be the biggest beneficiaries because of the various schemes run by us,” insists the SAI official.

Dr. T. R. K. Rao, VC & MD of SAAP, said that they have offered the facilities to SAI with the hope that the latter would provide the coaches and training. “This will effectively take care of the maintenance and also ensure year-long activity especially in hockey, badminton, shooting,” he added.

“We have also requested SAI to increase the strength of inmates in the existing Sports Training Centres of SAI across the State to 1000 and they promised to have a serious look at the option,” the SAAP official said. “We are also hinted that if everything goes as per the plan, more national camps will be held at Gachibowli in future,” he said.

By next month-end, a final shape may emerge for the joint venture of SAI and SAAP.

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