A 27-year-old runner died during Budapest half-marathon.

The Budapest Sports Bureau in a statement on Sunday said that the man collapsed at the 20 km mark and died despite medical assistance that was rushed to him and resuscitation efforts.

The identity of the runner was not released. All that was said was that he was a young man and not a Hungarian, reports Xinhua.

Budapest Sports Bureau manager Arpad Kocsis was quoted as saying the identity of the dead man will not be released until his family has been notified.

Arpad Kocsis did say this was the 28th Nike half-marathon and that in the past 25 years of running meets in Hungary, including full marathons, this was the first fatality.

Medical teams had been stationed throughout Sunday’s race course and as usual, a number of people had required medical assistance, no other case being serious.

According to the Budapest Sports Bureau, 7,305 of the 13,000 people in the race made it over the finish line.