Jasvir yellow-carded for the second time

B.K. Rout emerged as the first challenger to Rajesh Choudhary's unconquered reign, claiming the sixth race in the Radial category of the Laser Nationals at the Hussain Sagar on Monday.

Spurred by a stirring start, Rout sailed strongly, especially on the upwind legs and on the first and third reaches, matching Choudhary in reading the winds right.

Up front right through the first triangle, the former conceded the lead on the ‘run,' but recovered lost ground on the very next leg.

Choudhary did catch up on the fourth ‘reach,' but could not quite keep pace. Rout took the inner lane at the final leeward mark, with Choudhary breathing down his neck, barely a boat length behind.

There was little let-up in their face-off, Rout pipping Choudhary to the post, the latter just a wee bit behind at the pin end of the finish line.

Jolt for Jasvir

Jasvir, hitherto in the forefront of the Standard set, was dealt a debilitating blow by the jury in the sixth race. On the broad reach, he was found guilty of ‘pumping', in violation of Rule 42 A.

Yellow-carded for the second time, he carried on with the contest, unaware perhaps of the consequences. Had he headed for the shore right away, he could have got off lightly and subsequently discarded this race when choosing his 10 best performances from the dozen.

The penalty is stringent in that he will be saddled with 34 additional points, on account of being banished to bottom of the list that comprises 33 sailors. He is also denied the option of discarding this particular race. It will be an uphill task for the champion yachtsman to reclaim his position at the top.

The tragedy of the entire episode was his superlative showing and tenacity in climbing from ninth position in the opening beat to getting the gun in the teeth of stiff opposition. Naveen Kumar was also awarded identical punishment for the same offence.

The fifth race was a three-pronged tussle, where Jasvir prevailed over arch-rival Gajender Singh and Sukhvir. While Jasvir led from start to finish, at times by slender margins, the latter two duelled unceasingly. The pursuit reached a crescendo on the concluding beat, as Jasvir came strongly from the right, cutting the finish line close to the committee vessel.

The results:

Standard: Race V: 1. Jasvir Singh 2. Sukhvir Singh 3. Gajender Singh (all AYN). Race VI: 1. V. Hari Hara 2. Sukhvir Singh 3. Avtar Singh (all AYN).

Radial: Race V: 1. Rajesh Choudhary 2. Dharmender Singh (both AYN) 3. Gaurav Randhawa (INWTC, Mumbai). Race VI: 1. B.K. Rout 2. Rajesh Choudhary 3. Dharmender Singh (AYN).

4.7: Race V: 1. Rufus N. Patrick (TNSA) 2. Sachin Singha (NSS) 3. Shweta S. (TNSA). Race VI: 1. B. Hussain (TNSA) 2. Manu Francis (NSS) 3. Rufus N. Patrick (TNSA).

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