Karnataka led the way by bagging eight gold medals on day one of the 39th junior National aquatics championships in Chennai on Wednesday.

The first final of the day, the boys’ Group I 200m freestyle, saw a close finish as Mitesh Manoj Kunte of Karnataka beat State-mate A. Ajay by one-tenth of a second.

Seven National records were bettered during the course of the day.

The results: (Winners only):

Boys: Group I: 200m freestyle: Mitesh Manoj Kunte (Kar) 1:58.53s; 100m breaststroke: Neil Contractor (Guj) 1:08.26s; 100m backstroke: B. Pranam (Kar) 1:00.76s NR (previous: Praveen Tokas, Delhi, 1:00.96s, 2007); 4x100m freestyle: Karnataka (Akhilesh Ram, Mitesh Manoj Kunte, Rakshith U. Shetty, A. Ajay) 3:45.33s.

Group II: 200m freestyle: Md. Yaqoob Saleem (Kar) 2:04.75s; 100m breaststroke: Likith S.P. (Kar) 1:08.66s NR (previous: Akash Rohith, Karnataka, 1:10.49s, 2008); 100m backstroke: P. Mukundhan (TN) 1:06.21s; 4x100m freestyle: Maharashtra (Jason Smith, Ishaan Mehra, Amitesh Raghav, Viraj Prabhu) 3:54.92s NR (previous: Karnataka 3:58.54s, 2005).

Girls: Group I: 200m freestyle: Anusha Mehta (TN) 2:10.81s; 100m breaststroke: Priyanka Priyadarshni (Del) 1:16.29s NR (previous: Priyanka Priyadarshni, 1:17.77s, 2011); 100m backstroke: Rhea Castelino (AP) 1:10.00s; 4x100m freestyle: Karnataka (T. Sneha, Ashritha N. Bhardwaj, Tulasi R. Haritsa, Prathima A. Kollali) 4:13.52s.

Group II: 200m freestyle: V. Malavika (Kar) 2:12.41s NR (previous: Kanchi Desai, Maharashtra, 2:12.92s, 2010); 100m breaststroke: A.V. Jayaveena (TN) 1:17.85s NR (previous: A.V. Jayaveena 1:19.02s, 2011); 100m backstroke: Damini K. Gowda (Kar) 1:09.88s; 4x100m freestyle: Maharashtra (Trisha Bhimani, Aakanksha Vora, Jia Kamte, Monique Gandhi) 4:14.48s NR (previous: Maharashtra 4:18.13s, 2011).

Water-polo: Boys: Maharashtra 6 bt Karnataka 1; Punjab 7 bt Manipur 1; Bengal 12 bt Delhi 0; Kerala 9 bt Tamil Nadu 0. Girls: Bengal 8 bt Delhi 0; Karnataka 7 bt Tamil Nadu 0.


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