Mampi rules air rifle event

Rakesh Manpat beat Joydeep Karmakar and Gagan Narang to win the men’s free rifle prone gold in the 57th National shooting championship at the Dr. Karni Singh Range, Tughlakabad, on Friday.

On a day when the 17-year-old Mampi Das beat a strong field that included Anjali Bhagwat for her maiden women’s gold in air rifle, Anirudh Singh rocketed from the bottom to win the trap gold.

The 22-year-old Rakesh shot 207.9 in the final to beat Joydeep Karmakar by 1.8 points. He shot 10s with 19 of the 20 shots in the final. “My heart rate was very high towards the end, and I really had to hold myself. This is what I had come for,” said Rakesh.

Mampi Das stayed ahead of the pack after being in the second place after three shots. For one who had qualified in eighth place it was a determined show by the Kolkata girl.

Mampi comfortably beat Pooja Ghatkar for the gold. .

Anjali Bhagwat, who had to win a tie-shoot 10.7 to 9.6 against Shalini Chahar to stay in the race, finished fourth eventually, as Apurvi got ahead by 0.3 point.

In men’s trap, Anirudh rose from the ashes like a phoenix. He was placed around 40 after the first two rounds on the first two days, following rounds of 22. Later, when the competition got extended to the fifth day, Anirudh shot a perfect last round, to grab the last spot in the final, two points ahead of the former Asian champion Anwer Sultan and Raninder Singh.

Anirudh beat Kynan Chenai 13-11 in the contest for gold after having placed second with 14 points behind Chenai who had a perfect round in the semifinals.

Prithviraj Tondaiman won the shoot-off 3-2 against Manavjit Sandhu, after the two had tied on 12 in the bronze play-off.

In junior trap, Manavaditya Singh Rathore won the gold ahead of defending champion Gyan Susheel Sharan. He also clinched the Baretta Gold Cup.

The results:

Men: Free rifle prone: 1. Rakesh Manpat 207.9 (615.9), 2. Joydeep Karmakar 206.1 (619.1), 3. Gagan Narang 183.6 (616.6).

Juniors: 1. Isshan Goel 614.8; 2. Navdeep Singh Rathore 614.1; 3. Daniyal Raza Zaidi 611.7.

Trap: 1. Anirudh Singh 13 (14) 117; 2. Kynan Chenai 11 (15) 120; 3. Prithviraj Tondaiman 11 (3) 13 (119); 4. Manavjit Singh Sandhu 11 (2) 13 (121).

Juniors: 1. Manavaditya Singh Rathore 111; 2. G. S. Sharan 110 (1); 3. Mohd. Shees 110 (0).

Women: Air rifle: 1. Mampi Das 208.2 (412.9); 2. Pooja Ghatkar 205.9 (416.7); 3. Apurvi Chandela 183.9 (415.2).

Juniors: 1. Apurvi Chandela 415.2; 2. S. Praveena 414.3; 3. Shalini Chahar 413.4.

Youth: 1. Mampi Das 412.9; 2. Sanvedna S. Khambe 410.7; 3. Prajakta Kailas Kokane 408.6.

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