Henrik Carlsen was talking about the pleasant weather in Chennai, though he had been told to expect rain. When it began to rain the other night, Carlsen won. It rained even heavier the following day, and Carlsen won again. Guess we must hope for a shiny Monday.

For the sake of Anand and the match.

Norwegian contingent

Carlsen’s fans from Norway have been trickling in to the venue to catch a glimpse of the World No. 1 in action.

Not to be left far behind, his sponsors are likely to arrive in India for the last stage of the championship, according to Carlsen’s manager.

Not over yet

The entire Carlsen camp was beaming on Saturday night following Game Six.

“Yes, we are happy, but it is not over yet,” Carlsen’s manager Espen Agdestein reminds us.

Star attraction

Former tennis star Vijay Amritraj and former National table tennis champion S. Raman were among the visitors at the ball room.

“It is great to see a World championship being played in my hometown,” says Raman. “Anand is easily India’s best-ever sportsperson.”

Also in attendance were some top female chess players who participated in the International WGM tournament.

“We are rooting for both players as they are very good,” says Sopiko Guramishvili of Georgia, who didn’t have a particularly good time in the tournament, despite being the top seed.

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