Sanu Debnath of Calcutta and Kshipra Mahajan of Rajiv Gandhi picked up two gold medals apiece on the second day of the all-India inter-University aquatics championship on Thursday. The day also saw Poorva Shetye of Jain setting a record in the women’s 50m breaststroke.

Poorva, powered to 35.95s in 50m breaststroke event which bettered her own meet mark of 36.39s set last year at the same pool. Poorva had a haul of one gold, one silver and a bronze while A. Gulnaz Rawoof of Madras won a gold and silver.

The results:

Men: 200m freestyle: 1. Sanu Debnath (Calcutta) 2:00.75s; 2. Deva Solanki (Delhi) 2:08.71; 3. S. Anukul Shenoy (Mumbai) 2:08.15. 50m breaststroke: 1. Jashandeep Singh (Punjab) 30.81s; 2. K. Rag Uri (Pune) 31.06; 3. Aman Ghai (GNDU) 32.55. 400m Individual medley: 1. Sanu Debnath (Calcutta) 4:50.32s; 2. N. Arvind (Anna) 4:59.43; 3. Umesh Kumar (Gujarat) 5:01.13.

Women: 200m freestyle: 1. Kshipra Mahajan (Rajiv Gandhi) 2:19.08s; 2. A. Gulnaz Rawoof (Madras) 2:22.63; 3. Chandrima Nandi (Calcutta) 2:25.16. 800m freestyle: 1. A. Gulnaz Rawoof (Madras) 10:03.79s; 2. Poorva Shetye (Jain) 10:08.40; 3. Kshipra Mahajan (Rajiv Gandhi) 10:11.63. 50m breaststroke: 1. Poorva Shetye (Jain) 35.95s (NMR, old 36.39s by Poorva, 2011); 2. Mankiran Kaur (BFUHS) 37.72; 3. M. Ragavi (Madras) 38.09. 400m individual medley: 1. Kshipra Mahajan (Rajiv Gandhi) 5:35.95s; 2. M. Ragavi (Madras) 5:36.85; 3. Poorva Shetye (Jain) 5:37.22.

High Board diving: Men: 1. Sarajit Ghosh (Calcutta) 201.05 points; 2. Mukund Shinde (Sholapur) 183.35; 3. Supratim Das (Calcutta) 155.05. Women: 1. Balaka Kushari (Jadavpur) 139.45; 2. N. Sindhuri (Anna) 138.80; 3. Garima Kapoor (RML Law) 104.90. — Special Correspondent

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