Peter Lin Janezic still can't forget the last day of the final race last year. On course to clinch the title, Peter finished eleventh in the fourth race that eventually pushed him to second position overall.

This year, the 13-year-old is not leaving anything to chance. He has been finishing in the top three in all the races so far.

The third and penultimate day in the Optimist class of the India International Regatta, at the Chennai Port on Thursday, was no different as the Slovenian came first, second and third in the three races.

“I was doing really well last year. I sailed badly in the last race. I very nearly cried,” said Peter, whose father Andrej Janezic is his coach.

Peter's team-mate Toni Vrscaj is second in the overall points tally.

“Peter is the favourite to win. But I'll try my best,” said Toni.

Varsha and Aishwarya shine

In the 29er class, which has no foreign participation, the pair of Varsha Gautham and Aishwarya Chezhiyan has been consistent.

The Tamil Nadu Sailing Association duo emerged third, first and third respectively in the three races, thereby jumping into the overall lead.

Normal conditions

The conditions were pretty normal for the sailors, according to Ikler Bayindir of Turkey, the Principal Race Officer, as wind speeds oscillated between five and 11 knots.

The results (provisional):


Race 6: 1. Peter Lin Janezic (Slo), 2. Dheer Singhi (Ind), 3. Muhamad Uzair Yusuf (Mas).

Race 7: 1. Chintan Chattbar (Ind), 2. Peter Lin Janezic, 3. Toni Vrscaj (Slo); Race 8: 1. Toni Vrscaj, 2. Conor O'Beirne (Ire), 3. Peter Lin Janezic.

29er: Race 6: 1. Shiv Rekhi & Ankit (Ind), 2. Hussain Bhavnagarwala & Praveen, 3. Varsha Gautham & Aishwarya Chezhiyan.

Race 7: 1. Varsha Gautham & Aishwarya Chezhiyan, 2. Ekta & Shaila, 3. Shiv Rekhi & Ankit.

Race 8: 1. Ekta & Shaila, 2. Hussain Bhavnagarwala & Praveen, 3. Varsha & Aishwarya.

Optimist Overall and Boys:

1. Peter Lin Janezic 14 pts, 2. Toni Vrscaj 22, 3. Muhamad Uzair Yusuf 46.

Optimist Girls:

1. Natasya Nabila (Mas) 74 pts, 2. Leah Govias (Ind) 134, 3. Martha Puspita (Ind) 140.

29er Overall:

1. Varsha Gautham & Aishwarya Chezhiyan 15 pts, 2. K.C. Ganapathy & Varun Thakkar 16, 3. Hussain Bhavnagarwala & Praveen 19.