The vacancy caused by the resignation of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Election Commission chairman S. Y. Quraishi is expected to be filled up on Monday.

The Acting President of the IOA, Vijay Kumar Malhotra, said on Sunday that he would announce the name of the person to step into the vacant slot on Monday.

This should pave the way for the resumption of the election process that was stalled on Saturday at the scrutiny stage followingQuraishi’s resignation.

Fresh dates

The fresh dates for the rest of the election process are expected to be finalised on Monday.

However, matters were further complicated with a letter from the IOA Secretary-General, Randhir Singh, questioning the authority ofMalhotra to further proceed with the appointment of Election Commission members.

In a letter sent on Saturday, Randhir stated that as per the decision of the special general body meeting held on October 18 last, Malhotra was authorised to appoint an election commission. “Such commission was appointed by you and hence the authorisation given to you has now been exhausted having outlived its mandate and life”, he wrote.

Randhir Singh, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), who is contesting for president, also wrote that it would be advisable for the IOA to seek a clarification through an application to the High Court regarding the ambiguity that had arisen because of contradictory positions available in the stipulations laid down by various parties.

Randhir stated in the letter that “improper or negligent handling of the present situation may well lead to the disastrous consequence of de-recognition of the IOA by the IOC.”

Another letter

Meanwhile, the IOC has sent another letter to the IOA and the Election Commission members stating that elections should be conducted as per the provisions in the Olympic Charter and the IOA constitution and by-laws, as approved by the IOC.

The notice for the elections on November 5 had already stipulated that the elections would be held under the IOA constitution and by-laws as well as the Sports Code of the Government of India as ordered by the Delhi High Court.

The IOC has objected to government regulations coming into play in the election process. Of particular interest during scrutiny could be the age restriction of 70 imposed by the government guidelines.

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