Virdhawal Khade of Maharashtra and Goa's Talasha Prabhu emerged the fastest swimmers of the 34th National Games here on Tuesday.

Khade stopped the clock at 23.08s to better his own mark of 23.81s he clocked in the heats. The previous mark of 23.92 was also set by Khade at the last Games.

Talasha, while clinching the most prestigious gold of the meet, stopped Richa Mishra's winning streak.

Talasha, however, could not touch her personal best of 27.44 and came home in a time of 27.95s. The meet mark is held by Karnataka's Shikha Tandon (27.34).

Earlier, Richa pocketed her second gold of the day to make it six out of six. Richa's 200m backstroke effort of 2:26.82 was just off Shikha's National mark of 2:26.66. She clocked 5:09.47 in the 400m individual medley to win the gold in record time.

Gagan's second gold came in the men's 400m individual medley which he won in 4:40.08s to obliterate Rehan Poncha's mark of 4:44.32s.

1-2 for Karnataka

Rohit Havaldar and Ashwin Menon gave Karnataka a 1-2 in the 200m backstroke. Havaldar's gold-winning time of 2:08.29s improved the previous best of 2:11.65s.

The men's 50m freestyle race was a no-contest as Khade finished more than a length ahead of Arjun of Karnataka.

A.V. Jayaveena of Tamil Nadu had to be content with the third spot.

Mandar Divse of Maharashtra clocked 16:41.07s and not 16:14.07.

The results:

Men: 50m freestyle: 1. Virdhawal Khade (Mah) 23.08s (NMR, old 23.81 in heats), 2. J.P. Arjun (Kar) 24.65, 3. Anshul Kothari (Guj) 24.96.

200m backstroke: 1. Rohit Havaldar (Kar) 2:08.29s (NMR, old 2:11.65 by Rehan Poncha & Havaldar, Guwahati 2007), 2. Ashwin Menon (Kar) 2:12.06, 3. Madhu (Ser) 2:15.91.

400m individual medley: 1. Gagan (Kar) 4:40.08s (NMR, old 4:44.32 by Rehan Poncha (Kar), Guwahati 07), 2. Merwyn Chen (Del) 4:46.56, 3. Sandeep Sejwal (MP) 4:51.89.

Women: 50m freestyle: 1. Talasha Prabhu (Goa) 27.95s, 2. Richa Mishra (Del) 28.22, 3. A.V. Jayaveena (TN) 28.66.

200m backstroke: 1. Richa Mishra (Del) 2:26.82s (NMR, old 2:29.34 by Richa, Guwahati 07), 2. Ananya Panigrahi (Mah) 2:29.22, 3. Arti Ghorpade (Mah) 2:32.04.

400m individual medley: 1. Richa Mishra (Del) 5:09.47s (NMR, old 5:09.91 by Richa 2002), 2. Pooja Alva (Kar) 5:25.03, 3. Sushaka Pratap (Kar) 5:30.21.

Diving, highboard: 1. Hrutika Shriram (Mah) 200.95 points, 2. Jagruti Satarakar (Mah) 159.50, 3. Tanuka Dhara (Ben) 153.45.

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