The 2014 Formula One season starts with radical changes across the board in the largest technical reform in the history of the sport.

Engine: The era of aspirated engines is over. The Formula One once again will compete with turbo-charged engines. Instead of 2.4-litre engines with eight cylinders, cars must now have a 1.6-litre power unit with six cylinders, making them drastically quieter than their predecessors.

Hybrid system: The hybrid system ERS (Energy Recovery System) provides an additional 160 horse power per 33.3 seconds — a huge change. The previous system KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) produced 82 hp for 6.67 seconds per lap. In addition, cars must now weigh at least 691kg — including the driver — up from 642kg last season.

Fuel limit: Teams are only allowed to use 100kg of fuel — about 130 litres — per driver per race. That’s down from 150kg last season, meaning drivers must race more efficiently if they want to reach the finish line.

Car nose: The nose has been drastically lowered, from a maximum height of 55cm to now only 18.5cm off the ground. That means the nose is much higher than the front wings. The reason for the change was to lower chances of other drivers being hit directly by the nose in collisions.

Front wings: They are narrower with the maximum width lowered from 1.8m to 1.65m. That will impact the end plates, which are important for the airflow around the front tyres.

Rear wings: The lower rear beam wing is no longer allowed. Engineers now face the challenge of compensating for the loss of downforce.

Exhaust: Cars must now have a single exhaust pipe. The gases previously were used to boost downforce through two side channels.

The new, centrally-located exhaust pipe has a five-degree tilt upwards and is below the rear wing.

Start numbers: For the first time, drivers are no longer numbered according to their finish the previous season. Only number 1 is reserved for the defending champion. Otherwise drivers can select any number between 2 and 99.

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