Host Karnataka entered the quarterfinals in both the boys' and girls' categories in the 57th school National under-17 kabaddi championship here on Tuesday.

With an excellent performance by Kartik and raids by Parashuram, Karnataka boys came from behind to upset Chhattisgarh 19-15 in group D. Later in the evening, it had a comparatively easy 28-15 win over Madhya Pradesh.

The Karnataka girls, led by ace catcher Sharadi and raider Apoorva, humbled Jammu and Kashmir 51-5 in the morning and handed an 18-2 defeat to Kerala in the evening.

The results: Boys: Group A: Himachal Pradesh by Odisha 28-20, Andhra Pradesh bt Puducherry 74-30. Group B: Delhi bt Bihar 36-18, West Bengal bt Punjab 39-29. Group C: Haryana bt Chandigarh 51-14, Uttar Pradesh bt Goa 27-15, Haryana bt Uttar Pradesh 28-22. Group D: Maharashtra bt Madhya Pradesh 11-9, Karnataka bt Chhattisgarh 19-15, Karnataka bt Madhya Pradesh 28-15. Group E: Tamil Nadu bt Uttarakhand 45-13, Rajasthan bt J&K 50-19, Tamil Nadu bt Rajasthan 28-18. Group F: Vidya Bharati bt Kerala 35-33, Gujarat bt NVS 39-11, Kerala bt NVS 30-23.

Girls: Group A: NVS w/o Himachal Pradesh. Group B: Maharashtra bt TN 52-26, West Bengal bt Delhi 16-10. Group C: Haryana bt Odisha 26-9, UP bt Goa 64-17, Haryana by UP 17-11. Group D: Punjab bt Bihar 34-7, Chhattisgarh bt MP 30-25, Punjab bt MP 28-9. Group E: Kerala bt Chhattisgarh 27-19, Karnataka bt J&K 51-1, Karnataka bt Kerala 18-2. Group F: Vidya Bharati bt Uttarakhand 43-37, Rajasthan bt Gujarat 40-20, Rajasthan bt Vidya Bharati 38-16.

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