Jasvir Singh of the Army Yachting Node was crowned champion in the Laser Standard class in the 26th National Laser sailing championship at the Hussainsagar lake here on Sunday.

Jasvir also won the Kelly Rao trophy for emerging as the top-ranked sailor without discards.

At the end of the eleven race series, Jasvir had 16 penalty points thereby pushing defending champion Gajender Singh who had 22 penalty points, to second position. Third was Naveen Kumar also of AYN with 24 penalty points.

In the radial class Dharmender Singh of AYN was already assured of the title on Saturday with 27 penalty points.

In the 4.7 class the champion was Varsha Gautam of Tamil Nadu Sailing Association.

With the Radial class having finished their sailing on Saturday, only the Standard fleet and the 4.7 fleet took to the water on Sunday to complete the last two races of their series.

Jasvir gave a good show in both races. He took second place in the tenth race and won the eleventh which helped him to lift the overall title.

The results:

Sunday's races:

Laser Standard: Race 10: 1. Naveen Kumar (AYN). 2. Jasvir Singh (AYN). 3. Gajender Singh (AYN). 4. Sukhvir Sigh (AYN). 5. K.K. Pandey (AYN). 6. Gaurav Randhawa (INWTC) Mumbai.

Race 11: 1. Jasvir Singh (AYN). 2. Gajender Singh (AYN). 3. Gaurav Randhawa (INWTC Mumbai). 4. Naveen Kumar (AYN). 5. K.K. Pandey (AYN). 6. Gitesh Kumar (AYN).

Laser 4.7:

Race 10: 1. Varun Thakkar (TNSA). 2. Manu Francis (MYC). 3. Abhimanyu Panwar (RMYC). 4. Meghanaa B.T. (TNSA). 45. D. Motiwala (RBYC). 6. Ajay Singh Baghel (NSS).

Race 11: 1. Prince Noble (MYC). 2. Ravindhar (TNSA). 3. Ajay Singh Baghel (NSS). 4. Manu Francis (MYC). 5. Abhimanyu Panwar (RMYC). 6. Shiv Rekhi (RMYC).

Overall results:

Laser Standard: 1. Jasvir Singh (AYN)16 pts. 2. Gajender Singh (AYN) 22 pts. 3. Naveen Kumar (AYN) 24 pts. 4. K.K. Pandey (AYN) 48 pts. 5. V. Hari Hara (AYN) 52 pts. 6. Sukhvir Singh (AYN) 52 pts. (Hari Hara had better individual race break up).

Laser Radial: 1. Dharmender Singh (AYN) 27 pts. 2. Sharif Khan (EMESA) 33 pts. 3. Xerxes Bamboat (RBYC) 57 pts. 4. Bikas Mohapatra (AYN) 58 pts. 5. Ramesh Kumar (AYN) 59 pts. 6. Shekhar Singh Yadav (INWTC Mumbai) 60 pts.

Laser 4.7: 1. Varsha Gautam (TNSA) 24 pts. 2. Varun Thakkar (TNSA) 31 pts. 3. Prince Noble (MYC) 34 pts. 4. Abhimanyu Panwar (RMYC) 56 pts. 4. Nanda Raikwar (NSS) 63 pts. 6. Vikas Singh (CESC) 63 pts. (Nanda had better individual race break up)

Special Prizes:

Women's category: Mrinalini Santhanam (TNSA). Radial Class without discard (Secunderabad Sailing Club trophy): Sharif Khan (EMESA).

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