India bagged the overall championship in the fifth Commonwealth taekwondo championships, which concluded at the Nehru Indoor Stadium here on Monday, with a whopping tally of 261 points.

The host nation clinched 21 gold, 23 silver and 45 bronze medals. England (38 points) won three gold, four silver and five bronze medals to finish second, while Australia (33) ended up with four gold and five bronze.

India walked away with the ‘best player award' in all four categories: Vipan Singh (junior boys), Janey Dharma (senior), Tasim Begum (junior girls) Shraddha Dixit (senior).

T.P.M. Mohideen Khan, State Minister for Sports and Environment, gave away the prizes.

The results: Senior: Below 63 (bantam): 1. B. Janey B Dharma (Ind), 2. Robert Robertson (Sco), 3. Matthew Donne (Eng) & Shiv Kumar (Ind).

Below 80 (welter): Lenn Hypolite (Trinidad & Tobago), 2. Dale Rhodie (Sco), 3. P. Anand (Ind) & Imtiaz Ibney Ali Mohd. (Ban).

Junior boys: Below 51 Kg (bantam): Abrar Khan (Ind), B.S. Rajesh (Ind), 3. S. Akbar (Ind) & Michael Metaxotos (Aus).

Below 63 (welter): 1. Sunil Kumar (Ind), 2. G. Sagar Palconda (Ind).

Below 78 (light heavy): 1. Aiman Ahmed (Ind), 2. Ravi Kadiyan (Ind), 3. Ritu Lalung (Ind) & Raman Deep Singh (Ind).

Senior: Below 53 (bantam): 1. Nurul Nadia Mahmat (Mas), 2. Laura Sweeney (Sco), 3. Nurul Shafinas BTE Abdul Rahman (Sin) & Samiya Naz (Pak).

Below 67 (welter): 1. Shraboni Biswas (Ban), 2. Sonam Rajput (Ind), 3. Sangeeta Dutta (Ind).

Junior girls: Below 46 Kg (bantam): 1. Purva Dixit (Ind), 2. Pooja Gome (Ind), 3. Monika Yadav (Ind) & Kanica May (Aus).

Below 55 (welter): 1. Latika Bhandari (Ind), 2. Sanju Boro (Ind), 3. H. Dolly Devi (Ind) & Rajani Lahare (Ind);

Below 68 (light heavy): 1. Alexandra Thomas (Eng), 2. F. Lalrempuii Terem (Ind), 3. Neha Khetwal (Ind) & Sangita Bargyary (Ind).

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