Sailors of the Army Yachting Node (AYN) put up a good performance in the Laser Standard class competitions on the third day of the 26th National Laser sailing championships at the Hussainsagar lake here on Wednesday.

In the first race of the Standard fleet, Jasveer Singh and Naveen Kumar (both AYN) had a good start. After some competition from Gitesh and Jasveer, Naveen surged ahead and won.

In the second race of the Radial class, Varun Thakkar of Tamil Nadu Sailing Association came first. Initially Sachin Singha of NSS was leading but Varun overtook Sachin at the end of the first triangle and maintained his position.

He also came fourth in the fourth race. Varun is taking part in the Radial and 4.7 class.

The results: Laser Standard: Race 1: 1. Naveen Kumar (AYN), 2. Jasveer Singh (AYN), 3. V. Hari Hara (AYN). Race 2: 1. Gurjeet Singh (AYN), 2. Jasveer, 3. Naveen. Race 3: 1. Gajender, 2. V. Hari Hara, 3. Singha.

Laser Radial: Race 2: 1. Varun Thakkar (TNSA), 2. Dhamender Singh (AYN), 3. Shivam Srivas (NSS). Race 3: 1. Sharif Khan, 2. Dharmender, 3. Jagat Narayan (AWSA).

Race 4: 1. Sharif Khan 2. Dharmender Singh (AYN), 3. Anil Sharma (NSS), 4. Varun Thakkar. 5. Mrinalini Santhanam (TNSA).

Laser 4.7: Race 1: 1. Nanda Raikwar (NSS), 2. Varsha Gautham (TNSA), 3. Varun Thakkar, 4. Manu Francis (MYC), 5. Ravindhar (TNSA). Race 2: 1. Varsha Gautam . 2. Ekta Yadav (NSS). 3. Varun Thakkar. 4. Ravindhar. Race 3: 1. Ajay Singh (NSS). 2. Nanda Raikwar. 3. Ekta Yadav. 4. Varsha Gautam.