The Jimmy George Foundation brings out a DVD, 25 Years Swiftly Rolled By, dedicated to Jimmy George

It has been twenty five years since his passing but the memory of his destructive serves and amazing reach remains fresh in the mind of every volleyball fan in the country to this day. The name Jimmy George may not be easily recognised by children today, but word of his deeds still does the rounds at volleyball courts, especially in his native state. In an effort to carry on his legacy, the Jimmy George Foundation has released a DVD entitled 25 Years Swiftly Rolled By, chronicling the history of the icon and his final game representing the nation.

The tribute, conceived and documented by Jimmy’s younger brother Sebastian George, begins with a biography and goes on to list the numerous awards and honours Jimmy received over the years. The montage of pictures chronicles his long and illustrious career, showcasing team photographs and stills from matches played, with fitting musical accompaniment in the form of an instrumental version of ‘Ýesterday’ by The Beatles. The video has a distinct YouTube fan made tribute feel that, instead of detracting from the presentation, seems to enhance it with sincerity.

Jimmy’s legacy is not ignored either, with a detailed description of the stadiums and tournaments named after him, as well as the Jimmy George award and its recipients over the years. The abrupt credits are set to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel, leaving viewers yearning for more while stirring nostalgic memories as pictures from tournaments held in Jimmy’s honour are displayed.

However, the creators leave one final parting memory for fans who want to see Jimmy soar gracefully and smash with abandon again: the entire footage of Jimmy’s final appearance for India against Japan in the 1986 Asian Games. The rare footage dominates the runtime of the disc and is likely to be the part that remains in memory long after the video has come to an end.

The DVD is now available through volleyball clubs and players associations in the state. Sebastian George can be reached at 09945241604 and