Motorsport’s governing body FIA on Friday gave Formula One teams strict instructions how to use tyres at Sunday’s German Grand Prix.

The latest developments in an ongoing tyre controversy came after the rear left tyres on four cars exploded during last Sunday’s British Grand Prix, prompting an investigation by FIA and the manufacturer Pirelli.

The company said earlier in the week that the tyre problems were in part due to teams not using them correctly and has since asked FIA to issue the teams with instructions.

Race director Charlie Whiting wrote to the teams saying that it would be their responsibility to ensure that the requirements are met.

Whiting told the teams they would have to stick to a minimum tyre pressure and that the maximum negative camber at the front and back had to be four degrees and 2.5 degrees respectively.

The race director also said that using tyres from the left side of the car on the right side and vice versa, would no longer be permitted.

On Thursday evening, the drivers had threatened not to race if there was a repeat of the tyre problems as experienced at Silverstone.

Pirelli has also introduced modified rubbers for this race and are to provide new tyres at the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 28.

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