Formula One teams have rejected a plan for two mandatory pit stops at each race from next season onwards, the BBC reported on Tuesday.

The report said that the teams felt such a move would interfere with race strategies and make races artificial and almost identical in format.

The BBC said that tyre providers Pirelli and Jean Todt, head of the ruling body FIA, came up with the idea in November.

Pirelli had to modify their tyres during the 2013 season after team complaints and incidents. They seemingly fear that the next year’s V6 engines will be more demanding on the rubbers than the V8 engine used up to now.

But the teams dismissed the plan at a meeting on Monday, where however an additional tyre test in Bahrain between December 17 and 19 was agreed upon.

Other agreements on Monday were double points for the last race of the season from 2014 onwards to keep the sport exciting until the end, permanent numbers between 2 and 99 for drivers (with number 1 still reserved for the world champion), five-second penalties for minor infringements and a cost cap from 2015 onwards.

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