The Indian men's table tennis team, which won the gold in the 2006 edition in Melbourne, is placed in an easy Group II along with Guyana, Vanuatu and Dominica.

Chief referee N. Ganesan announced at the draw ceremony at the Yamuna Sports Complex here on Saturday.

The women's team, which bagged a bronze in the last edition, is placed with New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Ghana in Group IV. The host is expected to cruise into the knockout stage in both sections.

“Malawi has been included in the men's section this time as they had three playing members unlike only two last time. This was approved by the Tournament Director,” he said.

The groupings: Men: Group I: Singapore, Sri Lanka, Guernsey, Maldives; Group II: India, Guyana, Vanuatu, Dominica; Group III: England, Wales, Mauritius, Tanzania; Group IV: Nigeria, Scotland, Kenya, Uganda; Group V: Australia, South Africa, Kirbati, Ghana, Malawi; Group VI: Canada, Malaysia, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

Women: Group I: Singapore, Canada, Guernsey, Tanzania; Group II: England, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Maldives; Group III: Australia, Malaysia, Wales, Vanuatu; Group IV: India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ghana.

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