The fancied teams had it easy in the opening round of the 73rd youth and junior National table tennis at Siliguri on Tuesday.

In the youth boys' event, seeded sides like Tamil Nadu, Petroleum, West Bengal and host North Bengal blanked their opponents while Maharashtra ‘A', Petroleum, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi registered easy wins in the girls' category.

The results (first round):

Youth boys: Group A: TN bt Rajasthan 3-0; Group B: PSPB bt HP 3-0; Group C: W. Bengal bt Chandigarh 3-0; Chhattisgarh bt Sikkim 3-0; Group D: N. Bengal bt Madhya Pradesh 3-0; Punjab bt Pondicherry 3-0; Group E: Gujarat bt Kerala 3-0; UP bt Jharkhand 3-0; Group F: Maharashtra ‘B' bt AP 3-0; Assam bt Mizoram 3-2; Group G: Karnataka bt Tripura 3-0; Maharashtra ‘A' bt Uttarakhand 3-0; Group H: Delhi bt Meghalaya 3-0; Orissa bt J&K 3-0.

Junior boys: Group A: PSPB ‘A' bt Chhattisgarh 3-0; Assam bt Andaman & Nicobar 3-0; Group B: Karnataka bt HP 3-0; Tamil Nadu bt Mizoram 3-0; Group C: North Bengal bt Bihar 3-0; Goa bt Pondicherry 3-1; Group D: West Bengal bt Chandigarh 3-1; Andhra Pradesh bt Meghalaya 3-0; Group E: Maharashtra ‘B' bt Madhya Pradesh 3-0; Delhi bt Tripura 3-0; Group F: Uttar Pradesh bt Kerala 3-1; Gujarat bt Sikkim 3-0; Group G: Punjab bt Jharkhand 3-0; Maharashtra ‘A' bt Jammu & Kashmir 3-0; Group H: Orissa bt Haryana 3-1; Rajasthan bt Uttarakhand 3-0.

Youth girls: Group A: Maharashtra ‘A' bt Haryana 3-0; Group B: PSPB bt Orissa 3-0; Rajasthan bt Tripura 3-0; Group C: Delhi bt J&K 3-0; Gujarat bt Sikkim 3-0; Group D: AP bt Chhattisgarh 3-0; Pondicherry bt UP 3-1; Group E: Maharashtra ‘B' bt Uttarakhand 3-0; Kerala bt Mizoram 3-0; Group F: W. Bengal bt MP 3-0; Chandigarh bt Jharkhand 3-1; Group G: TN bt Bihar 3-0; Punjab bt Meghalaya 3-2; Group H: N. Bengal bt HP 3-0; Assam bt Karnataka 3-0.

Junior girls: Group A: AP bt PSPB ‘A' 3-1; Group B: Maharashtra ‘A' bt Bihar 3-0; Kerala bt J&K 3-0; Group C: Delhi bt HP 3-0; Madhya Pradesh bt Goa 3-1; Group D: Maharashtra ‘B' bt Assam 3-1; TN bt Pondicherry 3-2; Group E: UP bt Karnataka 3-1; Tripura bt Chandigarh 3-1; Group F: N. Bengal bt Jharkhand 3-0; Group F: Rajasthan bt Sikkim 3-0; Gujarat bt Punjab 3-0; Group G: Uttarakhand bt Mizoram 3-0; Group H: W. Bengal bt Orissa 3-0; Haryana bt Meghalaya 3-2.

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