Deepika Kumari of Jharkhand and Tarundeep Rai of Services stole the limelight on the opening day of the three-day 34th senior National archery championship here on Monday.

Both won two gold medals each. Deepika also set two National records.

Deepika won the women’s recurve 70 and 60m gold medals with 333 and 346 points respectively.

Both were new marks bettering the previous record of 330 and 345 held by Chekrovolu Swuro and L. Bombayla Devi respectively set at the 32nd edition at this venue.

Tarundeep took the men’s 90m and 70m gold medals while the 50m gold medal went to Bengal’s Somnath Mondal and Jayanta Talukdar of Jharkhand picked up the men’s 30m honours.

Veteran Jhano Hansdah of Jharkhand and Abhishek Verma of Delhi won the compound round gold medals.

The 38-year-old Jhano stood first with 689 points scored over two rounds of 50m.

Verma, who was a revelation in the World Cup series held this year, took the men’s gold medal with a total of 702 points.

On Tuesday, the women’s 50 and 30m events will be held.

Recurve individual elimination rounds will follow thereafter.

The results: Recurve: Men: 90m: 1. T. Rai (Ser) 323 points, 2. Vishwas (Ser) 320, 3. Atanu Das (PSPB) 320.

70m: 1. Rai 339, 2. Ajay (Del) 338, 3. Jayanta Talukdar (Jhr) 334.

50m: 1. Somnath Mondal (WB) 339, 2. Talukdar 339, 3. Sanjay Boro (Asm) 336.

30m: 1. Talukdar 355, 2. Rai 354, 3. Hurdup Tiriya (SPSB) 354.

Women: 70m: 1. Deepika Kumari (Jhr) 333 (NR, old 330), 2. V Pranitha (Guj) 326, 3. Reena Kumari (Jhr) 319.

60m: 1. Deepika 346 (NR, old 345), 2. Asha Rani Horo (Jhr) 331, 3. Pranitha 329.

Compound: Men (50m x 2): 1. Abhishek Verma (Del) 702, 2. I.R. Sanam (AP) 701, 3. Ch. Jignas (Ser) 699.

Women: 1. Jhano Hansdah (Jhr) 689, 2. P. Lily Chanu (Mnp) 688, 3. Ramandeep Kaur (Pun) 684.

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