For the 53-year-old kabaddi coach Sanvath Dhanam Reddy of South Central Railway, life doesn't really change much even as another of his trainee, Tejaswani Bai, gets the prestigious Arjuna Award.

This coach, with a rare passion and commitment, still makes it a point to traverse the full distance from Langar House to RRC Grounds in Secunderabad to ensure that his wards are in the best frame of mind.

And, into the silver jubilee year of coaching, Mr. Dhanam is not one of those who crib at things which are out of his control. “My job is to train and the first objective is always to see that they play for the country.

These awards are the outcome of their achievements. So, right from the day anyone joins me, I always try to ensure that he/she masters the basics and keeps improving,” he says.

Simple methods

That this former SAF Games gold medallist trained about 20 international players besides two Arjuna Awardees, including Neetha Dhadwe, is a tribute to his efficacy by adopting simple methods.

“Yes, the sport is witnessing a big change, moving from outdoors to indoors and played on mats. This, in a way, is good for the players as they can be more speedy, can have better grip. But for this, they have to achieve new fitness levels to meet the demands,” cautions the experienced campaigner.

For someone who was lured into the sport, thanks to the GHMC summer camp in Hyderguda of Ranga Reddy district, and was fascinated by the huge response from fans to the sport in those days, Dhanam did not think twice before taking up this sport. “I owe everything to my classmate Subhash (now an officer in the State government). He thought I would be good in the sport and I give a lot of credit for whatever little I achieved,” says the simpleton.

Famous trio

To his credit, famous trio from the City – Tejaswani Bai, Marella Kalyani, Mamata - figured in the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games gold-medal winning team.

“Well, if they had not worked hard with sincerity, the results would not have been there,” he points out.

Dronacharya Award

For all those who are regulars at RRC Grounds, this gentleman, who resembles the former Aussie opener David Boon in many ways, stands apart from the rest of the crowd for his passion which transcends all barriers.

Any dreams? “Yes! If I get the Dronacharya Award, there is nothing like it. We will see how things shape up in the future,” he signs off before joining the players for another grinding session.