The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is concerned about the attack on a tourist bus here just 13 days before the Commonwealth Games (CWG) but said there is no evidence to suggest that the incident is linked to the sporting extravaganza.

Two Taiwanese tourists were injured when a couple of bike-borne assailants opened fire on a tourist bus near the historic Jama Masjid.

CGF Chief Executive Officer Mike Hooper said while there is no evidence as yet to show that the attack was linked to the Games, it is still a matter of concern.

“The matter is ongoing. There is no evidence at this point of time that it is related to Commonwealth Games. Any attack that happens is a concern whether it happens here in Delhi or any other part of India or anywhere else,” Mr. Hooper told reporters.

“Clearly as we consistently said whenever an incident happens, it’s appropriate that authorities investigate it.

It’s a concern if such incident happens. Of course, it is a concern for anybody whether it’s around the Games time or not,” he added.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has already issued a travel advisory, saying there is high risk of a terror strike during the Games in New Delhi.

The Games’ build-up has already been marred by construction delays and corruption allegations.