Sandhyarani wins silver in women's 60kg wushu, Saina through to the quarterfinals, China up their Gold tally to 97, at the 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou. Send in your feedback to

That's about all from us today. A silver medal trickles in to raise the Indian tally a notch, but tomorrow's another day. There are many more events to look forwards to, star sportspersons to cheer - Suranjoy, Vijender, Saina, Achanta, the Indian hockey team. So do come back early tomorrow, Swaroop Swaminathan will be here before 7:15 am to walk you through Day 6 of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou. Until we meet again, au revoir.

20:00: In a marathon encounter, Arputharaj beat Malaysia's Ibrahim Shakirin 11-4, 7-11, 11-8, 13-11, 8-11, 11-8. He had to work hard for that win.

19:55: Some awesome news. Achanta Sharat Kamal has just beaten Nanamendra Gedara in a table tennis encounter in straight sets - 11-9, 11-7, 11-1, 11-8. Can you imagine 11-1? But earlier in the day, Das and Prabhu lost to Singaopre in straight, Kumaresan and Patkar lost to Chinese Taipei

A Xinhua report on the table tennis results in games played so far today at the Asiad -

Following are the mixed doubles quarterfinal results at the Asian Games table tennis competition here on Wednesday:

Xu Xin/Guo Yan, China, bt Tang Pang/Tie Yana, Hong Kong, China, 11-13, 11-7, 11-4, 14-12 Chueng Yuk/Jiang Huajun, Hong Kong, China, bt Zhang Jike/Ding Ning, China, 6-11, 12-10, 11-7, 7-11, 11-7

Kenta Matsudaira/Kasumi Ishikawa, Japan, bt Ri Chol Guk/Kim Hye Song, DPR Korea, 11-4, 11-6, 11-7

Seiya Kishikawa/Ai Fukuhara, Japan, bt Wu Chih Chi/Cheng I Ching, Chinese Taipei, 11-6, 11-7, 11-6

19:48: Muttatkar hits it long, Hirose wins this encounter. 20-22, 21-8, 21-12

19:47: Brilliant rally from both shuttlers, but Hirose prevails. Match point for Hirose

19:45: The score now 18-10. Hirose scoring a lot faster, sensing a finish.

19:44: Some errors from Hirose, the gap now five points, 8-13.

19:42: The score now 13-4 in Hirose's favour. Aditi places a shot well, scores another point

19:40: Aditi's movements seem very hindered. Hirose has a better game, but the Indian would've had a fighting chance without the injury. Pity.

19:39: Points coming off the same area, the front right of Aditi's court. Timeout

19:38: The Japanese using her drop shots to good effect, placing the shuttle from way inside her court

19:36: Hirose building her lead up, playing her shots close to the line, forcing Aditi to misjudge on one or two occasions

19:34: A straight smash to level the score. But Hirose back in the lead with another well-places shot

19:33: Powerful smash from Aditi. A long rally, once again injury impeding Aditi's reach to that drop shot

19:32: And now the Indian misjudges a shot. Hirose working on Aditi's diosadvantage, playing close to the net

19:31: Aditi scores first, a sideline error from Hirose

19:30: All or nothing in the final game, for a place in the quarterfinal.

19:29: Game point Hirose, and she wins it comfortably

19:28: The score is 17-8. Decision time for Aditi. She must choose between resting her injured leg and slugging it out

19:27: A brilliant reflex return from Aditi, totally unexpected. Too little too late?

19:26: But the world ranked 11 notches shifts gears, is now up 14-7 in the second

19:25: Wide return from Aditi, loses another point

19:23: Aditi ilmping a little, from an injury she sustained in her left foot. Coach Gopichand has some words of advice

19:20: Aditi Muttatkar just scores two consecutive points, still trailing 5-9 in the second game

19:15: India's Aditi playing Japan's Hirose Eriko in a singles badminton encounter. She's taken the first game, but is struggling a little in the second

19:15: I know you would've loved the minute by minute update of Saina's match, but here's teh next best thing, a report.

19:09: China's Feng Zhe takes gold in the men's parallel bars, Uzbekistan's Anton Fokin takes silver, Kazakhstan's Valeyev gets bronze

19:02: Japan's Kuwahara on parallel bars, weak routine, great finish, though, a double pike, which is two somersaults in the air before landing. He was given 14.525

19:00: Tough night for Darya, not a bad routine, but as with the beam, she gets nervous near the end, takes a nasty strain to her knees on the finish.

18:58: Uzbekistan's Darya comes in for a floor routine. She had a disappointing turn at the beam, she needs 13.5 for a medal position.

18:55: South Korea's Jo Hyun Joo performs a dramatic routine on the floor to the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

18:49: Gymnastics now, reigning world champion from China, Feng Zhe performs on the parallel bars, Gold medal stuff, despite the step backwards on the finish

18:38: A quick look at the medals tally -

China - 93 Gold, 39 Silver, 35 Bronze, 167 Total

South Korea - 29 Gold, 22 Silver, 30 Bronze, 81 Total

Japan - 17 Gold, 39 Silver, 35 Bronze, 91 Total

India in 11th place with 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 7 Bronze, 13 Total

Nitesh mishra says - Great work by Sandhyarani in the WUSHU. But I am very disappointed by the performance of the Indian Shooters.

18:34: Vijender had picked up one point in the first round, and a crushing 8 in the final round. But as in the Commonwealth Games, the referee did warn the Indian boxer against 'clinching' his opponent.

18:33: Flurry of punches - a left hook, a right straight, and another - 9-4, two seconds - and Vijender wins his first bout

18:32: And it pays off. He connects a right and a left hook. Ting responds in kind. Vijender 6-4

18:31: Both boxers picking up points in that trade, 4-3 Vijender leads. The Indian boxer giving up a secure shell guard for a better attack.

18:30: Vijender connects, and again, two straight punches, a right for the third point, taking the lead now

18:29: The final round - Vijender on the attack now, behind by one point

18:28: Both boxers looking for a gap in the shelol guard, but Ting has better reach. End of round 2, Ting leads 2-1

18:27: Ting lands a straight punch, scores another point, 2-1 to Chinese Taipei

18:26: Both boxers usign a careful approach to the bout.

18:25: Round 2- Ting scores early in the second round, on the attack. Vijender feints, Ting not fallnig for it

18:24: Vijender scores first, a right hook that connected well. It was a counter punch.

18:23: No points on the board yet, 30 seconds left in the first round

18:21: Round 1 - The boxers sizing each other up, Vijender the more attacking of the two.

18:19: Vijender Singh fights Chinese Taipei's Yang Yi Ting

18:17: And the Korean wins that middlwweight bout 10-4. The Turkmenistan connected a solid left hook with 28 seconds to spare, but the Korean recovered and took another strike before the bout was up.

18:13: Boxing 75kg category group match on now, Korea versus Turkmenistan. The Korean clearly more agile, leading 8-2 in the third round

18:07: Saina Nehwal won her encounter against Malaysia's Cheah Lydia 21-15, 21-17.

18:03: Coverage disaster, folks. Saina Nehwal won her first encounter, against Malaysia in straight sets. We had no access to that match, so no blow-by-blow account

17:56: In the men's apparatus final, South Korea's Yang takes gold, China's Feng the silver medallist and Uzbekistan's Valiyev wins bronze

17:50: Gymnastics - Uzbekistan on the beam - Darya takes her shot at bronze, but loses focus, parts company with the apparatus, out of balance a coupe of times, needs consoling from her team

17:45: The women's 69kg weightlifting result is out - the scales tilts China's way - world champion Liu Chunhong the Gold Medallist here, despite a spirited effort from Indonesia's Darmariani

17:42: She lost the final match, certainly, but a silver is the first we've ever got in this sports discipline.

17:33: It's silver for Sandhyarani in this 60kg wushu category.

17:29: Khadijah scores again, puts Sandhyarani on her back. Awaiting confirmation now

17:28: An opening for Sandhyarani - to push Khadijeh out of the court, but couldn't capitalise. The clinch lasted too long.

17:27: Round two. Sandhyarani lands a punch, the fighters clinch. A snake-quick strike from Khadijeh.

17:24: Countdown for the end of round one. But it's Azadpour that had scored one point. Sandhyarani, despite taking Khadijeh off the court, had herself tumbled out.

17:23: This is the Wushu's Sanshou round, or combative aspect. And Sandhyarani scores first, pushes Azadpour out of the court

17:22: And the match we've been waiting for, Sandhyarani against Azadpour

Harish Kumar from Andhra Pradesh has asked for an update on basketball. India will play Chinese taipei in a preliminary round of 16 group F match, which will begin at about 19:00 hours this evening

17:16: India's Laishram Devi fails her third attempt at clean and jerk, 121kgs. Less than impressive performance

17:14: The men's 56Kg final bout is under way now, between China and Vietnam. China in black looks dangerously competent.

17:12: Points are earned in wushu by punching, kicking and throwing. Direct punches and kicks get one point, throws get 2 points.

17:10: A bit about wushu and about Sandhyarani as the clock ticks - Sandhyarani was a policewoman and a former boxer.

17:08: China's Feng Zhe on the men's vault now. Clean jump, good height

17:07: Very impressive routine from the all-round champion. In contention for a second individual gold

17:05: As we wait for that 17:20 Wushu bout, a quick look at gymnastics - China's Wu Li on the beam.

16:57: The last lap, Li takes the lead, Shao in second, and 15-year Li wins, Shao in second place, and Fujino takes a distant third. And that was China's 21st aquatic Gold

16:54: 450 metres swum, no change in places. Japan is about 8 metres behind. A last-stage burst of speed cannot be ruled out

16:52: Shao, Li and Fujino still in the first three places. But the Chinese women are really miles ahead.

16:50: Chinese in first and second places at this stage, Shao and Li. Japan's Fujino a distant third. But there's a lot of swimming left yet

16:48: Meanwhile, the last aquatics event of the day - the women's 800m freestyle. 16 lengths in the pool

16:47: Chinese Taipei's second lift was perfect. Indonesia comes in, Darmariani, for a lift of 101kg, after a successful 97kg lift

16:45: Believe it or not, the world record and Asian record in this event is 128kg.

16:44: People's Republic of Korea manages an impressive 100kg lift. Chinese Taipei looking determined, but 100kg proves too heavy

16:41: Some women's weightlifting - the 69kg category. India's turn now at snatch. Oh, Laishram Devi's attempt at 98 comes to naught. Her best remains 95kg.

16:36: The women's 800m freestyle final, due to begin anytime now, is the final aquatics event for the day

16:32: Chinese women Zhao Jing and Gao take Gold and Bronze in teh women's 100m backstroke. Japan's Shiho gets silver.

16:28: Very shortly, India's Sandhyarani Devi will take on Iran's Azadpour Khadijeh for the wushu 60kg women's Gold medal

16:25: But as we wait, let's go back to that China Thailand volleyball match. Thailand have taken the second set, and the third has just begun - both teams have scored a point each

16:22: Ok, I'll admit it, I'm waiting for the boxing, wushu and badminton events. Very eagerly.

16:18: That was Japan's sixth aquatic gold. The medal's ceremony for the women's 200m breaststroke in progress. Gold medalist Jeong's still in tears.

16:16: Japan still in the lead after 150m, Takakuwa has a lead of a length and a half, ang he takes Gold. He was quickest off the block. China's Wang took a desperate spurt in the end for silver, japan's Horihata takes bronze

16:14: The men's 200m individual medley under way now, Japan taking first two places after 100 metres, China in third

16:11: Thailand's up 15-12 now, but a baseline error gives the Chinese one more point

16:08: Back to that China-Thailand volleball match. Thailand's up in the second set 13-11.

16:06: The men's 100m freestyle medals ceremony on now, South korean Jeong looking totally pleased with his third Gold. Seems to like the taste of his medal as well.

15:58: The Korean takes the lead after 150 metres, Japan's Suzuki in second place. And Korea's Jeong takes Gold! The Chinese beat Japan to take silver and bronze. Japan's Kaneto breaks into tears. Understandable.

15:56: The women's 200m breastroke in progress, Japan leading the shoal after the turn

15:54: China takes the first set, 24-19.

15:52: The Chinese are scoring faster. 24-18. The Thais save one set point

15:50: Timeout, score 21-16. Let me elaborate - the Thais aren't as attacking as the Chinese. The playmaker just decided to drop the ball into the middle of the court, from inbetween the hands of the Chinese defender. Neat.

15:47: The Chinese do have a five-point lead, but the Thais have shown intelligence and craft in their game. The score's now 20-15

15:42: China versus Thailand volleyball. It's a Group A preliminary match. First set on now, the teams seem more or less evenly matched at this stage, 15-13. Surprising, considering China's prowess in this sport.

15:35: Park T of South Korea won his third swimming Gold, in 100m freestyle, Lu Zhi of China takes silver and Japan takes bronze.

15:26: China's Tang yi wins gold, Li Zhe takes silver and Japan's Haruka gets bronze. It's a one-two in women's 100m freestyle.

15:26: To complete that update on women's taekwando, China's Wu Jingyu was the victor, and the weight category was under 49kg

Harish wants to stay updated about Indian boxers today. Well, definitely. Don't miss Vijender's round of 16 bout.

15:20: China have beated Thailand by one run to reach teh women's cricket semi-finals. Updates like this one remind me of a flurry of comments from you. The Indian organisers must be kicking themselves for not sending a cricket team.

15:15: Well, at least there are more encouraging events to follow later in the day. Indian table-tennis whiz Achanta will play today

15:10: Remember that drowning India received in water polo? Yes, there were two - One against Uzbekistan and aone against China. Here's the final result - a PTI report -

Indian women suffered a 2—20 thrashing at the hands of Uzbekistan in their last round—robin league match to finish fourth in the water polo competition in the Asian Games here today.

India lost 1—5, 0—5, 0—5, 1—5 in the four quarters to rnd their campaign without a single win in the four—team competition.

15:05: China's Lu Yong ultimately declared the Gold medallist in this 85kg weightlifting category. The Korean, in spite of an impressive clean and jerk, won bronze. And Iran's Cheshemov Rostami won silver.

15:03: China's Hairong comes in now. he had a successful lift earlier, but it wasn't easy for him. And this proved too much. Hairong is injured, he has hurt his knee badly.

15:00: Perfect lift from the South Korean. He stands just 5 feet 5 inches in height.

14:59: Once again, his elbows buckle, as does his knee. South Korea's Kim Kwang Hoo comes in, for a lift of 206kgs

14:57: Rostami decides to try again - takes his time, talks himself into it. First stage good enough.

14:55: Iran's Rostami comes in now, for an attempt at 203kg. The clean was good, spent too long on the second part, his knees buckled

14:53: China again, Lu Yong, 203kg, great lift, seems up to lifting a couple of kilos more

14:50: Uzbekistan's Chashemov unable to clear the lift.

14:49: A quick look at weightlifting. Men's clean and jerk. China's Heirong just made a herculean effort to lift 202kg. Uzbekistan up next.

14:47: China wins it, 13-0, to take Gold

14:45: Another kick. The score's now 12-0 to China. Oh, a little payback. A vicious kick to the leg seems to have disabled China, who nevertheless recovers quickly

14:42: The Chinese clearly the better fighter here. She landed an early kick to the back of her opponent's head, and now another, right under her chin

14:35: This latter half of Day 5 seems to have begun on a combative note. Iran just won a Taekwando encounter with Uzbekistan. And Japan and China are now exchanging pointers in the women's version of the event. I'll get back to you on which weight category, in just a moment.

A very good afternoon to all you sports buffs.


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