Two Golds and a silver in athletics for India - Preeja Sreedharan takes Gold, Kavita Raut takes silver in the 10,000m race, Sudha Singh wins the 3,000m steeplechase. Three Golds on Day 9. Feedback:

But with all our boxers, and Sania and Vishnu in tennis, moving to the semis in their respective sports, Day 10 is going to be a blast. Join me, Anand Venkateswaran, early tomorrow, at about 7:15, and we will experience the best the Guangzhou Asian Games has to offer. Have a good one.

Phew! What a day. Including the three Golds, India have won 9 medals on Day 9. Not bad at all. While I think Preeja's 10,000m victory was the more impressive, the 3,000m steeplechase was most thrilling.

19:35: The 'exult' part lasted a while. He kneels and shouts, then gets up, pumps his fists, shouts some more, takes of his shirt, shouts some more while pumping his fists, Shakes the umpire's hands, embraces Chong Wei, claps his hands, salutes to the crowd, embraces his coach, throws his boots into the crowd, and then exits.

19:33: Game point to Lin - Short rally, some dialogue with the net, but Lin hits an impatient smash to Chong's left, and exults. Dan the Man gets Gold

19:32: Lin Dan 2 points away from Gold medal. He got to that point with another brilliant return of serve to the net, dropping the shuttle, making it graze the net.

19:30: We have a boxing query to address - Yash Saxena's. on Day 9, Preeti Beniwal, Manpreet Singh, Vikas Krishan have gone through to the smis

19:29: And this time, Lin botches a drop shot, shuttle lands on his side.

19:28: Lin getting aq little ahead of himself, more lne errors, 7-16.

19:26: Misjudgment from Lin, one more point to Chong

19:25: Chong turns his back to return a shit, Lin returns it to the same area, Chong turns back to return the shot, Lin runs forward, takes a drop shot, takes the point.

19:24: Good attacking shot from Chong. Score 4-14.

19:23: Lin shows how a crosscourt is executed. Key word - executed. Looks like the strings have snapped in Lin's raquet. Goes for a replacement.

19:20: Lin Dan leaps to hit s winning smash to Chong's left. Bad move from Chong, hitting a crosscourt shot at that level

19:19: Spark of a fightback - accurate shot straight down the line, 2-11. But the next one another unorced error.

19:18: And it's 10-1! Straight return to Chong's left. another genius shot near th net, Chong forced to lift it, it lands outside. 11-1

19:17: Back in action now, and brilliant tap from Lin Dan. He owns the net, this man. 9-1

19:15: Chong takes a medical break, calls for a doctor to tend to his fingers he grazed during his dives. A band aid is applied

19:14: Lin Dan on fire. That return straight down the line caught Chong sleeping, probably REM stage sleep.

19:13: Error again from the world no. 1 - a return into the net. Suicidal.

19:11: Ok, this match has moved into the 'bold' category. That was an astounding rally, the retrievals were But Lin still gets the point. 6-1.

19:10: Mammoth rally, ends badly for Lee Chong Wei, who hits his return into the net.

19:08: Lin Dan begins strong. China leads 4-1.

19:03: Game point, but Chong too eager, gives away the point. Not the next one, though, Chong finds a gap, smashes it in. One game each. Final game now.

19:02: Dan does it again, lures Chong into picking up a drop shot, so he can tap it back into Chong's body. Score 14-19

19:01: But Dan takes the next point, beautiful tap from the net into Chong's body. But he gives away the next point, hits it outside the sideline

19:00: A down the line smash tha went bad, score 17-12

18:59: The score now 14-12, Chong in the lead. Lin flicks it outside, points ot Chong. And mroe line errors. Score 16-12

18:56: Back to badminton. Chong with a slight lead in the second game, Lin Dan in great form, remains standing after a long rally, tosses the shuttle just inside baseline.

18:55: Less than 20 seconds left. Manpreet withdraws into his shell guard. And that's time. Manpreet assured of a bronze.

18:54: Zaifulla trapped by a counter attack. A strong left rfom Manpreet, the score 6-3. The punches are raining now, Zaifulla scores with another punch. 4-6.

18:52: The score now 5-3, Manpreet in the lead. Zaifulla on the offensive, but loses his footing often. Manpreet keeping his shell guard up.

18:51: Round 3 - Zaifulla goes all out, attacks early on, scores.

18:48: Sledgehammer right hook from Manpreet. 5-1 now. The boxers visibly tiring. Zaifulla gets in a right hook, gets another point. Score 5-2

18:47: Manpreet finds a gap, scores. Uses a left right combo, scores again. 4-1.

18:45: Round 2 - Zaifulla throws punches and combination punches, but is unable to get through Manpreet's shell guard.

18:44: Round - 1 - Zaifulla scores first, with a quick left. He strikes again, but the punch too weak to count. Manpreet retaliates with a right. And with another punch, Manpreet leads 2-1 after round 1

18:42: Both boxers attacking from early on, not a great idea in this weight category, where boxers need to conservre their strength for the final round

18:41: India's Manpreet Singh fights China's Zaifulla in the 91kg quarterfinal bout

18:40: And Lin Dan takes the first set. World no.4 in control of this match against world no.1

18:38: It's 19-12 now, the world no.1 Chon struggling in this set

18:36: Bad line call, in Lin's favour. Chong slightly rattled, Lin takes the next point winning a battle at the net.

18:35: China's Lin leading the first set 16-12. Lin played an almost one-sided match against South korea yesterday

18:32: An epic badminton bout is on, Malaysia's Lee Chong versus China's Lin Dan.

18:27: Looks like my previous erroneous posting has turned out to be prophetic. India beat Thailand in the mixed doubles tennis event, 6-3, 6-7, 1-0, coming up on top in the tie breaker super set. Thanks Sreenath and Kaushlendra.

18:20: Last 10 seconds, and Vikas is assured of a bronze, wins the bout 4-2. Cleverly fought.

18:19: Vijas changes strategy, tries to lure Song in, it backfires. Song scores with a good right hook.

18:18: Round 3 - Song eager to score - good combination of punches, both boxers score. 4-1 the score now

18:17: Vikas fighting a very careful fight. Shell guard up at all times, biding his time for an opportunity. Lead of 3 points.

18:16: Vikas Krishan fights to secure a podium place, against Kim Chol Song. It's 3-0 now.

18:14: 60kg men's boxing quarterfinal in progress - India versus North Korea. India 2-0 after the first round. Round 2 in progress

18:13: Mirza and Vishnuvardhan lost the second set 6-7. The third set in progress now.

18:11: Must stand up for India's national anthem. Wouldn't mind doing this a few more times. Emotional moment for Sudha.

18:08: Another medals ceremony in progress - the 3,000m women's steeplechase. India on the highest place of the podium. Sudha Singh's personal best of 9:55:67 is a national record.

18:00: Sreenath brings our attention to a mixed doubles semifinal thriller. India's Sania Mirza and Vishnu Vardhan are level with Thailand 6-6 in the second set now against Thailand.

17:58: A request for chess info as well, from Sundaram. Indian men lost to China 1.5:2.5, but the women beat Vietnam 1.5:2.5

17:54: Sritej Ravi wanted some boxing schedule info. Vikas Krishan fights at 6pm and Manpreet at 6.30.

17:51: The South Koreans took the badminton mixed doubles Gold, beating China 21-19, 21-14

17:46: India's third Gold of the day! Sudha Singh wins a thriller. Amazing. Jin actually thought for a fraction of a second that she got the Gold. A foot from the finish, she gets past Sudha and punches the air and decelerates, but it was the Indian who actually came through first.

17:44: The final lap - Sudh and the Chinese athlete in the lead. Sudha uses a hurdle for a greater lead. Another hurdle. The Chinese athlete Jin gains, will she beat Sudha to Gold, no she doesn't Sudha wins by inches!

17:41: You can read up on the Indian wrestling bronzes as these ladies canter their way to the finish. Click here. For the report on the archery bronze, click here.

17:39: Bahrainian struggling with the water jumps. Jaisha now in the lead, as the Ethiopian and Japanese very close behind them

17:38: Jaisha, a 1,500m runner, in second position at this stage of the race.

17:36: Two Ethiopians representing Bahrain in the race. Sudha uses a water jump to get the lead

17:34: The women's 3,000m steeplechase - India's O.P. Jaisha and Sudha Singh amond six runners to beat 28 barriers and 7 water jumps. They're off

17:30: What a rally! Extremely tenacious stuff from all four players, but the Koreans win this point, thanks to a lucky drop shot that touches the net and falls in

17:26: Badminton finals- mixed doubles, China versus South Korea. The Koreans have won the first set, and are leading 7-6 in the second.

17:21: Now 400m to go, Sunil Kumar has dropped way back, and it doesn't look like strategy. Bahrain Mahboon Ali Hasan wins the Gold. India not in the first five or six.

17:16: We've had a couple of frantic requests about Sania's match updates. I regret to inform you that she lost the semifinal against Uzbekistan's Amanmur, seeded third in this tournament. You can scroll down a bit for a more comprehensive account, or click here to read the report.

17:13: Sunil Kumar looks comfortable, currently in sixth position.

17:10: The Bahrain runner does something rather strange - he sprints the first 200m. Ridiculous thing to do in an endurance event. He's had his moment in the spotlight, though, as he slows down and the rest of the group catches up

17:05: The men's 5,000m race now, India's Sunil Kumar in strong contention. And they're off

17:00: Medals ceremony for the women's 10,000m. The Indian national anthem. Haven't heard it often during these games.

16:50: Still can't get over India's Gold and silver in 10,000 metres? Well, click here for more details

16:45: South Korea and Pakistan have also breezed into the men's hockey emifinals. Malaysia is currently fighting China for a place too. Malaysia needs a draw to go through.

16:40: Tajikistan's Nazorov wins the men's hammerthrow event.

Ramya says Wohoooo!!!! This is indeed a magnificent news for us . Winning a gold and silver in 10,000 M..This is BONUS indeed!!

16:28: Sreenath and Madhur with this update - India's Sunil Kumar Rana wins 66kg greko-roman wrestling bronze. Keep it coming, guys.

16:26: And the buzzer sounds - India on top of Pool A.

16:23: Sandeep tries the same line again, the goalkeeper reads it, great block.

16:20: Hockey - The Indian captain back in - Sandeep with a good pass, India earns another penalty.

16:19: The 400m heat now, Mandeep Kaur runs to qualify. And does. She takes it easy midway, like Manjeet did and comes through as the third qualifier

16:18: And he does. Makes that drag and flick look easy. Japan counter-attack -and Sakamoto scores. 2-3 in the second half.

16:17: India has earned another penalty meanwhile. Sandeep looking to snag his 10th goal of the tournament

16:14: The 400m women's heats - Manjeet Kaur in contention, and she qualifies with third position

16:12: First card of the India-Japan hockey match - Bharat Chinkara penalised for extra-agressive tackling. 2 minute suspension

16:10: But that athletics one-two was golden news. Great stuff from Kavita Raut. She had won the bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games 2010.

16:07: Kushlendra wants an update on the India - Japan hockey match - second half, India 2-1, Kushlendra. Scroll down for more updates.

16:00: Athletic Gold and Silver from India! - P. Sreedharan takes Gold in 10,000m, Kavita Raut takes silver. Great tactics from the Indians, saved their energy until it was most needed

15:52: That was Sandeep's 9th goal in the Games. Good cuonter attack from Japan, steady defence from India. India 2-1 in the second half

15:49: India earn a penalty - Sandeep waits for the push - brilliant - drag flick into the top of the goal

15:45: The second half of the India versus Japan in progress. India need a draw to get on top of this pool. Japan would need a 16-0 victory to get to the next stage.

15:42: 16 laps top go, this seems like a slow race, with all the runners saving up for the last few laps.

15:41: Some athletics new - the 10,000m women's race is on, The Indians in the middle of the bunch. Watch out for Kavita Rao.

15:39: A long rally, Amanmur biding her time, waiting for an opportunity, and Sania gives it to her, misjudges the sideline, hits the ball out, Amanmur through ot the finals.

15:38: And Amanmur leading 5-4 in the third set. And on this deciding game, Sania is behind in 3 match points

15:37: End of the first half - One goal each.

15:34: Gurbhaj Singh, Arjun Singh, the ball is in the D, scuffle, but the Japanese defence strong, they deflect the attempt

15:33: Good counter-attack from Japan, but Sardar proves too sticky fo rthe striker.

15:30: Indian goal from captain Rajpal Singh. Great goal, Singh had to dive to reach the pass, and pushes it in.

15:26: Japan score a surprise goal against India. Surprise because it was completely against the line of their play. The ball catches Sakamoto's stick, Bharat caught off guard.

15:21: Venkat Iyengar from Bangalore brings this development to our notice - Devvarman and S. K. Singh have won their doubles semifinals against the Korean. Indeed they have Venkat, they beat Soong and Kim 6-3, 7-5.

15:17: And in that hockey match, 20 minutes left, still no score. OH, that was close, India almost had that goal, scuffle in the D, but the Japanese goalkeeper pushes it away

15:15: Indoors, India's Ravinder Singh is up three points against Indonesia in a greko-roman wrestling encounter for bronze in teh 60kg category. Bronze it was, but Ravinder won this bout with obvious ease.

15:12: Brilliant save by Indian goalkeeper Bharat Chetri

15:10: Great attack from India from the left side, Tushar s handed a golden pass, but misses! And Japan earns a penalty on the counter attack.

15:08: Meanwhile, India takes on Japan in men's hockey. Fast paced first half, but without either team opening score.

15:05: Not a great start for the Indian in the third set, Amanmur up by one game. Sania serving now, 40-15 in the second game.

15:00: Amanmur has got her second wind in this second set. She's won the second set 6-3

14:47: Advantage Amanmur, and she takes the game. Big comeback from Amanmur. She's got a 5-3 lead now

14:45: Back to Sania and Amanmur. Amanmur serving, the score 15-30.

14:44: And Thailand through to the semifinals. Indian volleyball has had a good run in this edition of the games on the whole.

14:42: Thailand at match point, India's score 22 in that volleyball quarterfinal. India lost the first two sets after touching the twenties. Losing this game would mean their exit.

14:41: Cracking forehand from Amanmur, 30-30. Sania's return forces Amanmur ot improvise, unsuccessfully. Sania takes the game. 4-3

14:40: In control of her serve, 30-0. Not quite, 30-15

14:39: Sania takes one more point, but Amanmur takes the game, 4-2 lead in the second set. Sania serves

14:37: Baseline error from Amanmur, 40-15.

14:36: Sania not doing so hard either. Amanmur is leading 3 games to two in the second set. And it's game point, Mirza at love.

14:33: India's blocking banes back to trouble them. Thailand up 2 points in the crucial third game.

14:29: India's also in the volleyball men's quarterfinal against Thailand. Not a great show so far. Inddia trailing by two games. Score 9-9 in the third

14:26: Just kipped out to see the medals ceremony for the archery event. India won bronze

14:24: Great serve, Amanmur struggles to return, Sania doesn't, takes the point

14:22: Textbook return, Sania gets the game and the serve. She's up one set, and even at one game each in the second

14:21: Deuce. A bad miss from Uzbekistan's Amanmur. Advantage Mirza

14:18: Third break point chance for Sania Mirza in a great semifinal at the Asian Games

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