Right then. It's the end of action on the penultimate day of the 19th Commonwealth Games. Do log in tomorrow as there are still some cracking events. Not kidding. The gold medal match between India and Australia and the gold medal match where Saina Nehwal will be in action are both tomorrow. Be up nice and early to catch all the action from the marathon. My colleague Anand Venkateswaran will be here at about 08:00 IST.

20:42 Kashyap beats Anand in the bronze medal match of the men's singles in badminton. kashyap took the first set 21-15 before admirably finishing out the second set 21-18.

20:36 Paramjeet wins the gold in the super heavyweight boxing category 5-1 (points) against Trinidad&Tobago.

20:33 Paramjeet still maintains the four point advantage but it's 5-1 with about forty seconds to go in the third round.

20:27 The Indian, Paramjeet Samota, is leading the super heavyweight final 4-0. Just into the second round there.

20:25 England gets gold in men's doubles squash. England beat Australia 11-9, 6-11, 11-5.

20:21 Under way in the final of the super heavyweight category. India vs Trinidad&Tobago.

20:16 Back to the shuttle area and Kashyap is powering away from Anand. He leads the first set 16-10.

20:12 England's Simon Vallily wins heavyweight gold.

20:10 Vijendar receiving his bronze medal on the podium. Remember he lost in the semifinals in controversial circumstances. He does, however, wave to the crowd.

20:08 Kashyap more than holding his own against the more established Chetan. He has a slender 8-7 advantage in the first set.

20:05 An all Indian bronze medal match between Kashyap and Anand in badminton is under way.

20:01 England and Australia in the men's doubles squash final. It's one-set all but England holds a significant 7-3 advantage in the deciding third set.

19:50 Eamonn O' Kane has just handed out a pasting to Anthony Ogogo of England 16-4. With that gold, Northern Ireland has taken three boxing gold medals in a single day. History? Yes, it is. This was the middleweight final.

19:42 In an all-British final, Northern Ireland's Eamonn O' Kane is 8-2 up against England's Anthony Ogogo. Packing a punch, the Kane goes on and takes 4 more points. It's 12-3 in favour of the Northern Irishman

19:17 Manoj Kumar just battered Saunders there. Victorious by a huge 11-2 margin. That's India's second gold in a matter of minutes

19:11 Manoj is all over Bradley and is leading 8-1 with seventy seconds remaining in the second round.

19:02 Meanwhile, Suranjoy Mayengbam of India has won the flyweight final after a walkover.

Manoj Kumar in action against Bradley Saunders of England in the light welterweight final.

19:00 Got the gloves? Because the flurry of boxing finals is set to begin with India first up!

Go get a cup of coffee if you can because in just a short while the rest of the boxing fights will begin.

18:38 Another gold for England. Parag Patel wins gold in the full-bore singles.

18:37 And Daley has done it. Mitcham can only register a 66. Daley gets the gold in the men's 10 metre platform. Stunning diving from these two which came down to the last jump. Malaysia's Bryan Lomas gets the bronze. Daley, I'm informed, is just 16.

18:32 Tom Daley's last jump is a reverse 3 and a half somersault. The coaching staff are delighted. He scores a 94. Mitcham needs a 96 odd to win it.

18:24 Daley, who is leading, puts in an 87.45. Mitcham, who is second, replies with an 86.4.

18:19 To the Aquatics arena and straight into the men's 10 metre platform final. There is a sensational jostling for first place going on between Daley of England and Mitcham of Australia.

18:13 And they have done it. Singapore finds the net on two consecutive shots. India wins the fifth set 11-8. The crowd has erupted. Saha and Sharath win the gold for India in the men's doubles in TT.

18:12 Sharath tries to extend India's advantage but harries his shot just wide. 8-8 now. Don't even think about going away.

18:06 It's packed to the rafters and they go up as India level the game at 3-3 in the deciding set. Moments later, there is defeaning silence as Singapore take a slender 4-3 lead. Ping pong at its very best.

18:02 I guess it's something to do with me and TT (I was earlier commentating on a couple of seven-setters). Another five-setter in store as Singapore take the fourth set 11-5.

18:01 Singapore have built up an 9-5 lead in the lead in the fourth but India have the serve for the next two points.

17:54 India have been brilliant in the third set and promptly get 6 set-points. But they just need the one to win. Third set finishes 11-4 to India.

17:50 Sharath, Saha waste both the game points but it does not matter as they claim the next two points to take the second set 12-10.

17:48 Amazing rally which culminates when Sharath's punishing forehand down the line drive is hit wide. India have two game points.

17:47 A forehand is fired straight into the body of Saha and he cannot do anything with apart from sending it wide. Moments later, India take a 9-8 lead.

17:44 Sharath says "come on" and Saha and the crowd responds as India take a 7-6 lead.

17:43 The coach of the Indian TT contingent can not sit down anymore as Singapore level the second set at 5-5.

17:40 India are down a set against Singapore in the men's doubles TT final.

17:40 A quick update from lawn bowls. England have claimed the gold medal in the women's singles. New Zealand settled for the silver.

17:38 The crowd go mute as Singapore take a 9-8 lead through an unforced error.

17:34 Close till now with both teams exhibiting powerful strokes but Singapore do have a slender 7-5 advantage.

17:30 Gao Ning and Yang Zi of SIngapore up against Sharath Kamal and S. Saha of India in the final of the men's doubles in TT. Just warming up ahead of that clash. More paddling disappointments for Achanta or will he and Saha get India's first gold of the day?

17:28 Moving from the serene, soothing world of rhythmic gymnastic to the fast-paced all action world of TT.... news just in that England have won bronze in the men's doubles.

17:15 A competitior does an awesome transmission of letting the hoop slide through from the body to the legs while still performing on the carpet. Then she gets up and throws it high in the air, performs something very complex and catches the loop just as it is about to hit the ground. Stunning. It's also vital that they strike a chord with the music being played.

17:10 The finals of the Rhythmic gymnastics going on. It is just amazing to even watch this. Competitiors maneuvering a ball, hoop, ropes etc with such flawless precision.

17:04 Sharleen Stratton of Australia has won the gold in the women's 3 metre springboard final. Canada's Jennifer Abel takes silver while Australia's Jaele Patrick takes the bronze.

16:54 Fist-pumping stuff from Scotland's Callum Johnson who has taken the gold in the men's light heavyweight category. After an awesome second round, McCarthy did not have any answers and eventually sunk to an 8-1 (points) defeat.

16:48 After a cagey opening round, Scotland's Callum Johnson has just let it rip. He's leading Thomas McCarthy 6-1 with two rounds done. Gold for Scotland or is there going to be a stunning final round from McCarthy?

16:46 My apologies. It's Northern Ireland, not England, against Scotland. This is for the light heavyweight gold.

16:42 Up and running in another boxing final - told you there were lots coming your way today. England vs Scotland in action in this one.

While there is lots of boxing going on, does Indian cricket excite you? They have just beaten Australia 2-0 in a two-match Test series. Some amazing scenes in Bangalore.

16:27 Gallagher is ecstatic. He wins the gold in the welterweight final 11-6 (points) and does a Usain Bolt like celebration. England's Smith will have to settle for the silver. The scoreline is a bit flattering because Smith was in this well into the last round.

16:25 Brilliant. Smith levels it at 6 apiece but Gallagher goes on a hunting spree to get four points in a matter of 20 seconds. Still a minute to go in the third.

16:23 Impressive from Smith. After trailing 5-2 at the half-way stage, he's clawed his way into the encounter to tie the game. Moments later, Gallagher takes the lead 6-5.

16:21 Gallagher currently leads 5-3 in the closing stages of the second round.

16:16 Under way in the welterweight final. Another all-British final. Patrick Gallagher of Northern Ireland against Callum Smith of England.

16:06 Action from the women's final in the 3 metre springboard.

16:05 India's Amandeep Singh stands on the third step of the podium to receive his bronze medal in the light flyweight category. The winner was Paddy Barnes of Northern Ireland, who beat Namibia's Jafet Uutoni.

16:02 Remember that shoot-out for the men's skeet? England's Brickell takes the gold. Cyprus' Achilleos will have to settle for silver.

Stalker of England takes the gold in the men's lightweight final by beating Scotland's Taylor.

16:00 That was pretty easy in the end for Stalker. More solid defensive followed by quick counter punches gives Stalker a 11-3 lead. Stalker goes to his coach and is exuberant. Taylor, on the other end, lies on the mat and is distraught.

15:59 Stalker, eager to establish a more authoritative lead, extends his advantage to 8-3 after the early stages of the third round.

15:57 Some replays of the second round. Taylor was wildly swinging while the more calculative Stalker bid his time before going on the offensive. It's 6-3 now.

15:55 In an all British final between Stalker of England and Taylor of Scotland to decide the lightweight gold, Stalker currently leads the Scot 5-2. Still in the second round so things could change here.

15:50 An exciting shoot-out going on between England's Richard Brickell and Georgios Achilleos of Cyprus going on to decide the gold in the men's skeet at the Dr. Karni SIngh shooting range.

15:50 New Zealand's Jaclyn Hawkes and Joelle King of win the gold in the women's doubles final. England has to settle for the silver.

15:38 And Sri Lanka's Manju takes the gold. Sean was leading the final at one stage but Manju got the points when it mattered. The match was tied at 7-7 after the third round and the judges have given it to Manju. Manju does a nameste. That, I'm being informed, is Sri Lanka's first gold medal in 72 years. Incredible.

15:28 Wales and Sri Lanka locked in combat in the bantamweight final. Wales' Sean McGoldrick against Sri Lanka's Manju Wanniarachchi.

15:25 One more gold medal decided. Scotland's David Millar takes the gold in the men's 40 km time trial road race.

15:22 Paddy Barnes of Northern Ireland beats Namibia's Jafet Uutoni 8-4 to take the gold in the light fly weight boxing category.

Get the uppercuts, jabs and the drives at the ready because there is some boxing going on.

Good Afternoon, I'm Swaroop Swaminathan, hoping to take you through to the close of all the action on the 10th day of the 19th Commonwealth Games. In case you missed any of the events in the morning, you'd better catch Anand Venkateswaran's updates, here.

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